Bones: The Dwarf in the Dirt (S05E07)

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Twas a weird Bones night indeed. Guest stars: Stephen Fry (as Dr. Gordon Wyatt), Dan Castellaneta (as Officer Novarro), and Homer Simpson (as an X-ray). Also starring a lepruchaun.

A tiny green skeleton is found buried under a freeway, lying in a pot of gold. Okay, not literally, it was lying on a few gold pieces. Our intrepid crew once again jumps to the least likely conclusion of "leprechaun", before discovering a more palusible midget-wrestling-love-triangle-gold-heist scenario. Also, more on Booth's not-so-broken brain and his impotent gun.

The green skeleton was a former midget wrestler who was robbing a gold pawn shop, to make money to steal his average-sized brother's average-sized wife, who apparently had been seeing them both since college. Weird. The brother killed him (obviously), in a tunnel after the heist. We get a look into the "American pastime" of midget wrestling, a very odd world indeed. I especially liked watching Sweets interview the wrestling manager, Gidget. She's a fiesty one.

Booth has gun issues. His impending firearm recertification is coming up, and his aim has been less than perfect. He believes it is because of his brain tumor, and goes to Dr. Gordon Wyatt instead of Sweets (because Sweets reports to the FBI, and Booth doesn't want the FBI to know about his gun issues). Dr. Gordon Wyatt... sorry, CHEF Gordon Wyatt... has given up the psych biz but agrees to follow Booth around and help him figure out what's up.

Brennan is incredibly helpful and observant. She gives Sweets and Gordon any and all info about Booth that they need, right down to the fact that he starts ascending stairs on the opposite foot from before the brain tumor. But Booth's brain is fine, and the psychologists figure it out. Booth misses the dream world where he and Brennan are together. He wants to be with her, but knows that it's a crazy thought for the two of them to be together in real life. This is causing his psychological (and now physical) issues, in a manifestation of his phallic frustration... being unable to "bring his weapon to bear".

Gordon suggests to Booth that he relies on Brennan more than he thinks (as we've seen so far in the season), and that he cannot fail when she is around. Booth takes Brennan to the firearms recertification test, and of course... bulls-eye.

I like this thing that Booth and Brennan have going on here. It has been made obvious to us that they acknowledge their feelings for each other, but neither has any intention on acting on those feelings. I'm hoping it stays this way for a while, it is interesting to watch.

We find out what happened to Sweets' book (the one about Brennan and Booth that he was going to publish). He isn't sure he has the right to publish something that reveals feelings the Booth and Brennan have for each other. A moral dilemma, and I like this twist that the writers have given him.

Oh, Brennan tried to joke in this episode, and it crashed and burned every time. She's so weird, and Booth finds it sweet. What a guy.

Also, if you didn't see where Homer Simpson's X-ray was... did you see the scene where Cam was talking to Vincent, and had to sign for like, a million things during the scene? The X-ray was behind her and Vincent... very funny.

Booth: (After taking out a midget) What did you expect me to do, he came at me like a rabid ferret!

Gidget (The dwarf wrestling manager): (To Sweets) Wanna make out a little? Those people watching from behind the glass kinda turn me on...

Dr. Gordon Wyatt: (To Booth) You're in love with Dr. Brennan!

Dr. Gordon Wyatt: (To Booth and Brennan, about his food) Do try these amuses bouches. They might look like sperm on corn smut, but I can assure you they are magically scrumptious.

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metal2000 says...

Loved seeing Stephen Fry again. Can't get enough of that guy!

I just watched through his "Stephen Fry in America" specials where he visisted all 50 U.S. states (very entertaining) and right after I finished, he made his return to Bones.

I wish he was around L.A. enough to be a regular.

Nov 15, 2009 8:42pm

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