Bones: The X in the File

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I've always wondered when they were going to do an "alien" episode! It's about time. I personally loved the creepy video tied to her tooth.

B&B are out near Roswell, somewhere by Mexico, as the FBI was called in by the local law-man. A dead petrified form in a shiny bodysuit turned up in a town full of alien-crazed folks. Also, the Wendell/Angela/Hodgins thing is getting out of hand.

Bones quickly tells us that the body is human, and female. The uber-alien-blogger woman was hilarious... "I'm invoking the freedom of information act... that means you have to tell me anything I want to know!" - Wow, I wish it worked that way! There's a alien themed cafe, a company dumping illegal waste in Mexico, and a myriad of alien stories that even have Brennan reconsidering. It's all very fun. Turns out the cafe owner killed her, for money. Booth's face whenever the local law guy spoke up was priceless. Love it.

Meanwhile, Wendall and Angela are hooking up in a hotel at lunch break, and Wendell wants to tell Hogins about their relationship. He does, and everything is "fine! totally fine!" as Hogins suggests they all go out to lunch together. They are clearly not fine, as pointed out by Sweets (as if we didn't figure it out).

Hodgins goes to Sweets office to talk, and he discovers that he is greiving the loss of his relationship with Angela, and it will just take time to get over it. Grieving Hodgins is not a funny Hodgins... this makes me a sad Jolee. Kudos to Angela, though, in the cafe when Wendell kissed her to prive something to Hodgins, "I am not okay with being kissed when it's not about me." Well put!

Hodgins blowing up Wendell's melon-head was quite amusing, considering his mental state.

B&B's conversation on the hood of the car in the desert at the end of the episode was easy, and comfortable, and funny. It was like in the old episodes! I find this season has been a lot about their non-relationship, and this scene (while obviously strengthening their bond) was written like an older episode. I wonder if the writers looked back and were like, "Oh yeah! It doesn't have to always be so darn dramatic!" True dat.

Booth: Come on Bones, you don't believe that there are other real life forms out there?
Bones: Well the ... probability is very high, but any alien visiting this planet would have sufficient intelligence not to die in the middle of the desert.

Brennan: These remains are not extraterrestrial. ("The X-Files" theme starts playing; Brennan picks up a phone) It's a cell phone.
Booth: You hope.

Sheriff Bonds: I'm not gonna take the heat when people scream I sent an alien off to Washington for secret testing! (chuckles then turns serious) I've been through that before.

(Brennan screams like a little girl as the body in the MRI machine starts to levitate on its own, and Booth panics, draws his gun to fire, when the magnetic MRI machine sucks up his gun before Brennan can turn off the machine.)

Booth: I won't tell anyone about the screaming, if you won't tell anything about the gun thing.

Brennan: I find those terms satisfactory.

Booth: Important blogger. Talk about an oxymoron.

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