Bones: The Tough Man in the Chicken Tender (S05E06)

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Bones is back from its hiatus, and if you've ever heard of those rumors of finding yucky things in your fast food, this may not be the best episode for you... yuck.

A chicken factory owner is found after being scarred by chemicals his whole life, thrown into a chicken plucker, having his fingers cut off, and finally thrown over a dam. Also, Angela and Brennan fight over saving a piglet, Angela and Wendell-the-Intern get it on, and Booth second guesses his post-coma-brain.

The body was found by a group of Woodchucks (like Girl Scouts, I guess) who idolize Dr. Brennan until she tells them that they should have called the authorities instead of bringing in the body and evidence themselves. The girls call her "mean", and that's the last we see of them. Ummm.... In normal investigations wouldn't you have to re-collect the evidence, and question the girls?? Right, it's just a TV show, never mind.

First the team thinks that the victim was part of a big government conspiracy, and he was some sort of Super Chicken-Man soldier with special powers. Turns out he just owned a chicken plant, and his nose was deformed from years of chemicals. Why do they always jump to the "government conspiracy" theory first? Oh, right, Hodgins. We have many suspects; the sexually harassed employee, the wife, the chicken plant protesters, a baker, and finally the security guard, who was mad that he couldn't get a gas allowance to drive to work. People will kill for anything.

The real story of this episode is Angela. She's still being celibate, and according to Sweets she is "forming unhealthy attachments to pictures of cute animals". She wants to save a very cute piglet, and is trying to raise money from the Jeffersonian team. I understand animal rights and everything, but $1500 to save a pig? Are they really worth that much? I can buy a pound of bacon for about five bucks. Anyway, her heart is in the right place, and people keep shooting her down, especially Brennan.

The first person to donate to her cause is the poor grad student intern, Wendell. Now, I've seen some reviews of this episode that call Angela many colorful names for what she does next with Wendell, but let me ask you this: If you had a very active sex life, and then suddenly starved yourself from it for six months, and then some cute younger guy gives you money to save a pig - wouldn't you jump him too? Yes, Angela and Wendell have some not-so-discreet private time, but at least they manage to hide it from Hodgins... for now. Cam and Booth are the only two to notice the shenanigans.

After talking to Sweets and then Booth about the Angela/pig fight, Brennan decides to let Angela have this one, and writes a cheque for the whole $1500. I hope the pig is in the next episode, and for $1500, it should probably be wearing a tuxedo.

Wendell: Eww. What causes a corpse to smell like a fart?

Cam: Don't tell me we're back to Super Chicken Soldier...

Booth: (After being tarred and feathered by protesters) Okay, you do know that you're all under arrest, right?

Angela: (To Sweets) If I have sex, THEN will you help save the pig?

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metal2000 says...

As long as the Wendell thing is only temporary, I've got no problem with Angela going that way for a while. But obviously her and Hodgins are meant to be, and all that mushy stuff.

Nov 9, 2009 5:51am

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