Bones: The Gamer in the Grease (S05E09)

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B&B investigate the murder of a mailman who claimed he was the all-time Punky Pong champion, and Intern Fisher bonds with Sweets and Hodgins over the sci-fi flick Avatar (in real life the film features Joel David Moore – Fisher – and comes out Dec. 18).

The body is found in a grease truck, and there is an extremely disturbing shot of the flesh sliding off of the skeleton as they pull the body out. For no reason other than this episode is about video gaming as a sport, Brennan and Booth randomly argue about different activities and their worthiness of being called "sports"... synchronized swimming and chess, for examples. Meanwhile, Fisher scores tickets to the opening of Avatar, and decides to take Hodgins and Sweets. The three rotate in shifts standing in line at the theatre, while trying to avoid being caught by Cam.

After multiple suspects, B&B go back to the first person they interviewed – the father of an autistic boy who is an expert at Punky Pong. The victim videotaped the boy playing the game, and then claimed his perfect score as his own, becoming the world champion Punky Pong player. The father, angry that his son did not get the title, even when the game was his whole world, was the murderer – acting out of love for his son.

The group dynamics in this episode were fantastic. I really enjoyed the antics of the boys, in full nerdiness, and Cam trying to figure out what was going on. I also loved that we saw the result of the tattoo of Angela on Hodgins arm, put there by Angela's dad back in Season 4.

Also, Hodgins in a muscle shirt and working those pipes... wow. Just sayin. I wish I could find a picture.

I was happy to see Sweets in a context outside of psychology. And, I was glad that he did not pitch his "tent". For all those couples out there who lament not being "free" to explore multiple parteners, listen to Hodgins math – it makes sense, and is a great way to look at monogamy.

This episode was also a turning point for Bones. She really had come a long way in terms of understanding people and emotions. Why the writers have her "backtrack" in this area now and then, I have no idea. She is interesting when she sometimes "gets it".

I am quite excited for the next episode, apparently Zooey Deschanel is going to be in it.

Question: Is Punky Pong a real game, or were they just playing on "Donkey Kong"?

Sweets: I am no longer able to discern special effects from live action.

Fisher: Here's some meat tarts and a box of wine... have at it!

Fisher: All friendship is fleeting and ends in abandonment. So why not enjoy a few good hours with you guys until it all falls apart?

Hodgins: Ange, it's not what you think.
Angela: What I think is that there's a very large tattoo of me that's indelibly affixed to your skin.
Cam: I'm going to flee now.
Hodgins: I didn't do it.
Angela: Wait a minute. My dad? My father did that to you?
Hodgins: Let's just say, I think he was trying to prove a point.
Angela: I'm so going to kick his Texan bad ass. You need to get that removed.
Hodgins: Why?
Angela: Because we are not together anymore & I don't want you sweating all over my face.

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metal2000 says...

They were just playing on "Donkey Kong", as far as I could tell, and likely getting some of the crazy fandom (minus the murdering) from the 2007 documentary The King of Kong.

I found the Avatar promotion a little over the top in this one, even though I fully understand the fact that in this day and age, product integration is so much more important than just plain ol' product placement. I think showing the trailer itself, and then gushing over it, is what crossed the line.

Very much looking forward to Zooey, one of my favourite actresses around, show up next week as Bones' "2nd cousin". Should be fun!

Dec 8, 2009 4:44am

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