Bones: The Foot in the Foreclosure (S05E08)

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We get a good look into Booth's past in this episode, but not a whole lot of the case! The case wasn't that interesting anyway.

With Booth's grandfather Hank (Ralph Waite) visiting, Booth and Brennan investigate human remains found burned to ash in the bedroom of a house up for sale, not burned anywhere else but the bed.

A foot among the remains belonged to Meg Tracy, a formerly obese PriceCo employee. Realizing there are too many remains for a single average-sized person, Booth and Brennan visit one of Meg's old haunts (a feeder/eater fetish bar), where they learn she was romantically linked to Hugo, one of the house's prospective buyers.

The facts of the case come together pretty quickly, and there aren't many suspects. The culprit, the owner/seller of the house snapped when he found Meg and Hugo having sex on the bed he had shared with his beloved wife.

This episode was more about "Pops" visit. Hank is able to talk straight to both Booth and Brennan, quickly developing a bond with Brennan. He tells Brennan, when they are alone, that he was the one who sent Booth's abusive father away. He was horrified to find that his own son was beating his grandson, and isn't sure that Booth would forgive him if he found out. Hank also pushed along the B&B developments, telling Booth that Brennan is a "keeper". Most surprisingly, his presence even got the "all-business" intern Clark Edison to open up, revealing that he became a doctor to honor his own grandfather. Cute.

Hank also complicated Booth's work on the case, showing some signs of senility. A police officer noticed him lost in a park, and later he accidentally caused a grease fire in Booth's apartment. At one point, Booth told Brennan he might have to take a leave of absence to care for Hank. It didn't happen, obviously, as Hank went back to a nursing home (he had left because he hit one of the male nurses – haha!). He told Booth it was for the sex (at a nursing home, don't think about it, there is bad imagery), but I think either Sweets talked to Hank, or Hank came to the conclusion on his own that he was going to be a bit of a burden on his grandson if he stayed.

Hank talked to Booth and Brennan separately before going to the home, giving them each very good advice about the other. Let's hope they listen!

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