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I watched "The Kiss" episode last night. Loved it! I was laughing out-loud, screaming at one point. Now, I know last week I mentioned there were no surprises, just more of the same, and that is true, but –- what I didn't realize, strategically for the creators perhaps, is that they knew they didn't have to come out of the gate with guns blazing in the first episode. They're confident enough to know they can hang on to their lead, so they just kind of eased us in on the first episode of the second season. Well, they're back! And I'm so happy!

This was exactly what was needed. The vignettes were so subtle but artfully done. They just kind of built to a comedic crescendo until I was howling with laughter in my living room. My husband even chuckled, which is A LOT for him. What can I say? He's the man of my reality.

Credit must be given to the director, Scott Ellis. I believe all of the elements are there: incredible writing, incredible actors, but I noticed a lot of subtleties last night in the tight shots that I'm sure he artfully coaxed out of the actors. Probably not an easy task even with brilliantly talented actors because there could be so many interpretations and Ellis seems to be very adept at keeping it all clear and tied together in those crucial filmed moments.

In Episode 2, Cam is complaining because Mitchell has a PDA phobia. Gloria is cooking pig intestines to honor her dead grandma, but Jay teases Gloria until it boomerangs right back at him. You should see him "slapping the chicken" –- Gloria tells him that in order to get the bad spirits out of the food they are preparing for the family, Jay must basically beat and scream at the chicken, which is does since he believes her and he feels bad for making fun of her. The joke is sooooo on him...

Jay is trying to print out a picture of Gloria's grandma to surprise her but his printer won't work so he calls Phil for help. This is not the typical dynamic, to say the least. When Phil gets the call, he becomes the St. Bernard of tech support showing up at Jay's in a split second and one only needs to imagine the brandy cask hanging from his neck. He is so happy, he's giddy with excitement at the prospect that he may be better at something than Jay and that Jay needs HIM! Well, the domino effect of this scene and its ensuing components is when I lost it! I won't spoil it for you.

Then we have Claire who finds texts on Haley's phone from a boy! A boy!! And we all know she is the nerd of the bunch, the female Pointdexter. This also turns into a hilarious, but happy, sweet situation.

The kiss between Cam and Mitchell was perfectly done, just the way it would be in real life. Not a big deal. As I was reviewing this episode online, I noticed some individuals who are not happy with the way this was portrayed, making it into some sort of historically significant event. Some said it wasn't given enough attention and that the network chickened out, keeping their kiss in the background. I don't agree. At all. Kissing on television is unnecessary anyway. I watched some of The Bachelorette last season and it was soooo uncomfortable watching these idiots making out in every episode. Kissing is great but doesn't need to be in your face.

Modern Family is pure, simple joy! Something easy to enjoy. I hope you get around to watching!

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