Modern Family: Planes, Trains, and Cars

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"Oh good, if we get out of here in the next ten minutes, we don't have to pay for the second hour."

Problems with vehicles and transportation have been a bit of a running joke in Modern Family. "Planes, Trains, and Cars" is no exception, but does not become as disastrous as some of the previous incidents with vehicles.

How bad can things possibly get? Especially when Claire let Phil go vehicle shopping without her. It turned out, Phil demonstrated excellent decision making abilities, by purchasing a convertible. At least this time, he did not make his wife out to look like a prostitute.
Upon bringing the convertible home, Phil discovered just how unpractical the new car was for his work. So, Phil and Claire swapped vehicles and chores for the day, but because the stress finally hit Claire, she skipped to the beach. After relaxing by doing cartwheels, she lost her keys, and had to get Phil to come out to the beach.
Mitch and Cameron also had their share or problems with transportation, but it was all self-imposed with some bad timing and incongruent communication. The bad aim combined with the train door being open, when Cameron threw the stuffed bunny for Mitch to catch did not help either.
So now the couple ended up trying to get Bunny back for their daughter. Their efforts led to an unconscious homeless man, who flushed away their hopes of getting Bunny back, as he coughed all over the stuffed animal.
And finally, the old man that was still stuck in the past said, "I'm gonna meet a bunch of guys I played high school football with. Man, those were the good old days." To look good, he even had to get his wife's opinion on which watch to wear.
But as the title of this episode implied, Jay and his family would have to find alternate modes of transportation. The trip got delayed as Gloria did not like the small airplane, the family car hit a pothole and needed repairs, and then Gloria objected to the helicopter. But because of her limited English vocabulary, she made a whirring rotor sound to refer to helicopter.

And then came the confession. Jay exaggerated about his high school football glory. He was not the legend he claimed to be. The reality was, he was a bench warmer. And Jay wanted to impress his old teammates with the private jet, the fancy watch, and above all, his trophy wife. The part about showing off the trophy wife was more than adequate reason for Gloria to get back on the road.

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