Modern Family: Election Day

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"I don't think I even voted."

The day of the election had finally arrived. Claire's story arc for this season had reached its conclusion, but not without a little help from her loving family. And who better to direct this episode, than Bryan Cranston, somebody that has played two major roles in television shows featuring dysfunctional families.

Mitch and Cameron arrived in a Clairemobile (every bit as stupid as it sounds) decorated with campaign material, and a loud speaker. This was the first sign that things were going to go badly.

The next thing to go wrong was Claire accidentally popping out her fake tooth. This was perfect timing to get photographed.

Claire's dolt of a husband, Phil, was supposed to drive fifty senior citizens to the polling station, but he got tied up all day with one senile old geezer.

Claire's father, Jay, had trouble getting himself to the polling station. It turned out that his ex-girlfriend worked as an election poll clerk, and that back when they were dating, Jay chose not to wake up next to her. His ex took this as an opportunity to seek revenge, by not putting Jay's ballot into the box.

After getting her tooth fixed, Claire went to campaign over the radio. As she was getting ready, she banged her face into the microphone, causing her to slur through the entire live broadcast.

At home, things did not go so well with the cold calls. Neighbours did not enjoy receiving telemarketing calls, Luke flat out lied to the voters, and not surprisingly, Gloria could not rely on her voice alone to be persuasive.

And last, but definitely not least in the failure category, were the two idiots that campaigned with the car. Actually, it was more like making a humiliating public disturbance with a loud speaker mounted on the car. While driving a vehicle publicly advertised as a Claire Dunphey campaign car, Mitch and Cameron used the speaker to harrass people and businesses. But because they are idiots, they forgot to shut off the microphone as they gossipped very loudly about this one woman on the street who was getting married to a gay man.

Very classy, indeed.

As a consequence, they had to talk her down, hence, taking time away from campaigning. Considering how badly they did at campaigning, this was probably for the better.

At the end of the day, Claire came home to her loving extended family, not knowing the damage that they had caused. She thanked them profusely for the hard work they put in.

This really was cruel and ironic humour at its best.

Predictably, Claire lost the election.

After retreating to the kitchen for a drink, Claire got a big hug from her eldest daughter, Haley. But it was not a conciliatory hug as Claire thought. Rather, it was because Haley felt bad about getting rejected from all the colleges she applied to.

So in the end, Claire got her wish. A stop sign -- the thing that sent her into running for politics. But it also came with a note addressed to her. "Here's your stupid stop sign." As further insult to injury, Claire got to witness a vehicle running right past the stop sign.

"Election Day" was really about Claire's own struggle to make a change, her competitive nature, and her trust in her inept family to support her. In the end, all her needs were met. Claire got her stop sign, and a great family around to support her. She just does not a know about how badly her family failed her.

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