Breaking Bad: Gliding Over All

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"It had to be done."

"Gliding Over All," had all the feelings of a final episode. Taking place over a span of three months, it wrapped up a lot of loose ends. The hazard list was put to rest, Walter had made his peace with Jesse, and it seemed like Walter was ready to go back to being a family man. As a nice touch, the episode even made a lot of homages to past episodes, such as the continued usage of symbols (of insects, colour, and water), the old meth recreational vehicle, and Gale Boetticher fondness of Walt Whitman. This last reference, would prove to prevent the whole Heisenberg identity and story from coming to a complete end.

In his dying breath, Mike could have pulled the trigger on Walter. Instead, he just sat there, and let Walter take the gun away from him. It was almost as if Mike knew that the worst thing he could do to Walter, was to let him live. The first consequence of killing Mike, was that Walter had to dispose of Mike's body.

When questioned by Jesse if Mike got out safe, Walter responded that "he's gone." On the topic of the hazard list, Walter reminded Jesse that, "there is no we, Jesse. I'm the only vote left. And I'll handle it." Walter then escorted Jesse out, and shut the door on him.

Walter had a meeting with Lydia over getting the hazard list names. Lydia at first hesitated, as she he would lose leverage if she just gave up the names. Walter responded in extreme sarcasm, suggesting that he would kill Lydia on the spot immediately after he got the names from her. Lydia then cleverly played to Walter's greed, and gave him a new offer to distribute meth overseas. After Lydia left, Walter revealed that he had the ricin on him ready to use.

Walter had Todd contact his uncle, to do what Mike could not do - kill all the men on the hazard list. With extreme precision, all the hazard list men that were spread across three penitentiaries, were killed in a span of two minutes.

With the hazard list out of the way, over the next three months, Walter followed Lydia's plan of getting the meth over to the Czech Republic. Blue was all over. The background of the plane flying, the clothes Skylar was wearing, and even Lydia was dressed in blue.

Out of fear of enabling Skylar, Marie had wanted to return the kids back to their home. Skylar convinced Walter to go to the storage facility with her, so that she could show him all the money that they were sitting on, and to try to convince Walter to get out of the business. The red (tarp), of course, symbolized the bloodshed that had to happen to support all that money.

After going for yet another routine cancer check-up, Walter pulled a towel out of the towel dispenser to dry his hands. As he did so, he took a short look at that same dispenser that he viciously banged up, shortly after the doctor told him that he would go on living.

This here is a fine example of Breaking Bad paying an extreme amount of attention to detail and continuity.

Walter went to visit Jesse, who seemed to show signs of paranoia and trauma. As Walter left, he let Jesse know that he left something for Jesse. Jesse was very emotional as he opened the bag, but was very relieved to find that the bags contained his share of the money.

Walter went home to find Skylar in the kitchen doing the dishes. He interrupted, by shutting off the water, to tell Skylar that, "I'm out." He had to repeat himself, but Skylar was left speechless.

It seemed like everything had returned to normal. The kids were back at home, and Hank and Marie had come over to have a meal out in the backyard, just like they used to. All that changed when Hank went to the bathroom, and picked up the book that Gale had given to Walter.

Hank read the words that Gale had written down for Walter, and had a flashback to last season of Walter doing his fake sarcasm, when Hank jokingly pointed out that W. W. stood for Walter White.

"You got me."

So it looks like Hank finally put the pieces together.

The last eight episodes of Breaking Bad will see the much anticipated showdown between Walter and Hank. It will also show Walter between the events of "Gliding All Over" and his next birthday, and everything that led up to him buying that machine gun.

Sadly, we just have to wait almost a whole year to see the second half of the season.

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