Modern Family: Baby on Board

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"Next time, let's do it at our place."

"Baby On Board" was the last episode of the third season. It revisited Mitch and Cameron's attempt to adopt a new baby, Haley planning her post-high school life, and Jay falling back into the parent role again.

It was junior prom night for Alex, and she did not want her parents to meet her prom date, because he is gay. Take a look at that pose he struck for the camera. This was the least weird part of the evening.

Haley had intended on getting a job, and moving out with her idiot boyfriend, Dylan. In order to break the news to her parents, she invited Dylan over, and even made the parents supper. Before any thing could happen, Luke took out a letter that came the day before, indicating that Haley had indeed made it into a college.

Earlier this episode, members of the family talked about watching "Fire and Ice," a Spanish drama. This drama turned into a reality at the hospital, as everything became completely ridiculous, with Gloria stuck in the middle as the translator. After a lot of over the top twists and turns, Mitch and Cameron left empty handed.

Jay and Manny ended up taking Lily to the dance rehearsal, as Mitch and Cameron could not make. Jay's ability to parent came out, as he went out of his way to encourage Lily to perform, and to reassure her that she will still be an important part of the family (not knowing that the adoption failed).

After coming home, Jay said to Manny, "I tell you kid, I'm too old for this."

The episode concluded with Gloria in a talking head segment, where she announced that she was pregnant.

And Jay thought that one more night of parenting was all he had to do for the forseeable future.

Jay is old and exhausted. He has just enough energy to do the odd contribution to raising the future generations. Now that Gloria is pregnant, Jay will have to do it all over again. There is no way he is going to like the news, and there is no way in hell that he will have the same expression on his face as Gloria's.

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