Modern Family: Earthquake

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When a small earthquake strikes Modern Family land the laughs are off the Richter scale! Let's start with Claire and Phil. Their getting an estimate from a plumber for a leaky faucet in the tub in the upstairs bathroom, when Phil starts bloviating about his knowledge of plumbing and what he thinks the problem is. He is a great "techie," but the whole blue collar, Mr. Fix-It is NOT his 'thang (as Phil would pronounce it when he's trying to be cool)! Claire shuts the door in his face to shut him up so when the quake hits, the door gets stuck and she's locked in the bathroom with the plumber and Phil is out in the hallway. Lucky for him because the large, heavy armoire in the living room, the one Claire told him one hundred times to secure to the wall, has come crashing down narrowly missing Luke! This gives him time to finally secure it to the wall, while making the kids promise not to tell Mom! He really is the fourth child!

Over at the Delgado's, it was a religious experience, of course! Manny and Gloria are on their way to church (of all places) and Jay is on his way to golf (where else?). In the aftermath of the quake, Manny is shaken, but Jay convinces him that he doesn't need to go to church, God is everywhere, so why not enjoy the day and go golfing with him. Gloria gets worked up in her own spicy way, causing a meltdown of her own at this news. Jay is pretty sorry he asked Manny along when the topic turns to religion, heaven and hell, and he is ill-equipped to provide any answers. Poor Manny begins hyperventilating when he doesn't understand that there may not be a heaven or hell and all the sorry souls are thrown together in one place! Poor Jay can't enjoy his golf game. It's a lose-lose situation as usual.

Over at Cam and Mitchell's they're heading out (in full costume, capes and all!) to Pepper Saltzman's (played by a hilarious Nathan Lane) theme brunch. After the quake Mitch realizes it's the perfect opportunity to bail on the brunch and has Cam call Pepper to cancel. But, there's been no damage to their house so they have to create some by breaking lamps and creating a scene because Pepper is rushing over to help. Instead of telling the truth about hating Pepper's theme parties, they come up with another lie about Mitch being uncomfortable with Cam and Pepper's previous love relationship. Oh MY!

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