Late night guest line-up: October 22 - 26

Besides the bi-coastal Jimmy Kimmell, it's an all-repeat week in late night, but just in case you missed them the first time:

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Monday: Steve Carell, Madison Pettis, Bright Eyes (repeat, Sep. 26)
Tuesday: Hugh Laurie, Sherri Shepard, Editors (repeat, Sep. 21)
Wednesday: Jamie Foxx, Tim Gunn, Paolo Nutini (repeat, Sep. 18)
Thursday: Dane Cook, Ali Larter, Chris Cornell (repeat, Sep. 19)
Friday: Ben Stiller, Tony Snow, Paul Midon (repeat, Sep. 27)

The Late Show with David Letterman

Monday: Jude Law, Sarah Silverman, John Fogerty (repeat, Oct. 2)
Tuesday: Jamie Foxx, Jimmy Smits, (repeat, Sep. 24)
Wednesday: Sean Penn, Barry Sonnenfeld, Ben Harper (repeat, Oct. 1)
Thursday: Alec Baldwin, Faith Hill (repeat, Oct. 3)
Friday: Anne Heche, Sue Johanson, Mariza (repeat, Oct. 11)

Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Monday: Kyra Sedgwick, John Cena, Andrew Bird (repeat, Jun. 14)
Tuesday: Jessica Alba, Bear Grylls, Paul F. Tompkins (repeat, Jun. 15)
Wednesday: Steve Carell, Jennifer Esposito, Flight of the Conchords (repeat, Jun. 19)
Thursday: John Krasinski, Louis CK, the Mooney Suzuki (repeat, Jun. 21)
Friday: Lauren Graham, Steve Zahn, Rooney (repeat, Jun. 22)

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Monday: Holly Hunter, Adam Goldberg, Ferraby Lionheart (repeat, Aug. 24)
Tuesday: Terrence Howard, Jennifer Westfeldt, Zap Mama (repeat, Sep. 21)
Wednesday: 50 Cent, Emily Deschanel (repeat, Sep. 24)
Thursday: Michelle Pfeiffer, Rachael Nichols, Kat De Luna (repeat, Aug. 8)
Friday: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Oliver Hudson, Cary Brothers (repeat, Sep. 27)

Jimmy Kimmell Live

Monday: Kelly Ripa, Yehya Mohamed, Sara Bareilles
Tuesday: Mira Sorvino, the latest "Dancing with the Stars" elimination, Brad Paisley
Wednesday: Josh Hartnett, Tila Tequila, Ben Harper
Thursday: Ray Liotta, Jack LaLanne, Interpol
Friday: Jamie Foxx, Chyler Leigh, Soulja Boy (repeat, Oct. 4)

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

Monday: Meryl Streep (repeat, Oct. 16)
Tuesday: Jake Gyllenhaal (repeat, Oct. 17)
Wednesday: Ben Affleck (repeat, Oct. 18)
Thursday: Lynne Cheney (repeat, Oct. 10)

The Colbert Report

Monday: Bob Drogin (repeat, Oct. 16)
Tuesday: Garry Kasparov (repeat, Oct. 17)
Wednesday: Craig Newmark (repeat, Oct. 18)
Thursday: Dennis Kucinich, Paul Glastris (repeat, Oct. 15)

Last Call with Carson Daly

Monday: Aries Spears, Ben Kweller (repeat, Sep. 7)
Tuesday: Jeff Garlin, James Morrison (repeat, Sep. 17)
Wednesday: Jeff Goldblum, Paolo Nutini (repeat, Sep. 19)
Thursday: Oliver Hudson, Peter Bjorn and John (repeat, Sep. 20)
Friday: John Hamm, Ingrid Michaelson (repeat, Sep. 21)

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