Glee: A Very Glee Christmas

Posted by: Mike Walkey  //  December 19, 2010 @ 10:05am

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Twas a few weeks before Christmas
And all through McKinley High
We find out Brittany still believes in Santa
And no one knows why.

The kids approach Beiste
And ask her to break the news
As much as she'd like to,
She is not amused.

But she goes along with it anyway
And dons a Santa suit,
Breaks into Brittany's house
But is in for a hoot.

'Cos Brittany's big Christmas wish
Is more than Santa can handle
It's for Artie to walk
Why doesn't she want a Christmas candle?

Meanwhile, Sue plays Grinch
And rigs the Secret Santa Bin
Other teachers aren't really surprised
By her heart of tin.

New Directions spread cheer
With their singing and smiles
But popularity eludes them
For miles and miles.

Sue proceeds to wreak havoc
Like a certain green fool
But her efforts are stumped
By the spirit of the school.

But there's one more miracle
About to take action
Artie is about to walk
With the help of a crazy contraption.

Is this the gift from Santa?
Or from the Almighty Him?
To reveal that answer
Would be the ultimate sin.

During all this drama
Will has had things on his mind
The students think he's sad
And help with actions so kind.

They surprise him at his apartment
And cheer up the place
It's just a small gesture
But puts a smile on his face.

Because no money, no jewels,
Not even a pony
Can match the power
Of a cure for the lonely.


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