Glee: The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

Posted by: Mike Walkey  //  February 10, 2011 @ 3:31pm

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After nearly two months of televisions being Gleekless, the show made a rip roaring return with this year's post Superbowl episode.


The episode opens with a sassy riff on Katie Perry's California Gurls, with the Cheerios rehearsing for Regionals. Not sassy enough for Sue's taste apparently, so she decides to bring out the big guns, literally. Unfortunately, Brittany doesn't want to get shot out of a cannon. "I don't want to die yet. At least not until One Tree Hill gets cancelled."

Meanwhile, there is dissention in the football ranks as some of the players don't like playing with Gleeks. There's no time for all this drama because the team is on the brink of a championship game. Bieste and Shuster then try to unite the team by making the rest of the players join the New Directions, because their "bullying is based on ignorance." Well put Will!

That mischievous Sue Sylvester throws a wrench in the plans by switching the Cheerios cheerleading competition to the same night of the championship football game. Therefore, Quinn, Santana, and Britnay have to resign from Glee and the football players have to perform their own halftime show. The football players don't want to perform the show, prompting Bieste to say, "No halftime. No game."

So no Cheerios and no football players. Then who's playing in the game? The Gleeks are. Rachel, Tina, and Lauren suit up to help win.

Got all that?

That's okay, it gets more complicated.

Finn, feeling inspired, takes charge and convinces the Cheerios to return, gets Sam to play QB, and Puck to get the rest of the team back.

How do they do it? By convincing everyone not to care what others think of them. Especially those mullet wearing hockey players who have become the new slushie (re: slurpee, eh!) throwing bad-asses of the school. (love that bit!) Way to go Finny Bear...sorry that's next episode.

All is well as the big Thriller halftime performance is a hit, even with Karofsky, and Finn leads the comeback kids to the championship.


Surprisingly, I enjoyed the Thriller mash up with Heads Will Roll. MJ's pop masterpiece is one of the most imitated music videos of all time, so to do something different with it was refreshing. But I didn't really believe Karofsky's transformation from a death threatening homophobe to a poppin' n lockin' zombie in such a short time to be very realistic.

And Finn and Quinn sharing a kiss at the end? Hmm... budding romance or flash in the pan? Find out next week.

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