Glee: Silly Love Songs

Posted by: Mike Walkey  //  February 13, 2011 @ 3:37pm

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Love is in the air as it seems everyone is falling for, confessing to, or just plain old smooching with somebody this week on Glee.


Where should we start? Hmmm... let's see....

Puck's got it bad for Lauren but she's playing hard to get so he tries to swoon her with a serenade of Queen's Fat Bottom Girls. I would have chosen, ACDC's Whole Lotta Rosie : "She ain't exactly pretty. Ain't exactly small. 49-32-56, you can say she's got it all!"

But hey that's me.

Kurt's got it bad for Blaine, but he's got a crush on a Jr. Manager at the Gap, aka Jeremiah, and gets The Warblers to serenade him with When I Get You Alone. Unfortunately, it doesn't work and Jeremiah gets fired in the process. Kurt later confesses his true feelings to Blaine which complicates their friendship.

Now the big man on campus, Finn sets up a kissing booth in an attempt to lure Quinn and prove that the kiss was no fluke. A jealous Sam is suspicious of chemistry between FQ (Finn and Quinn) so he forces FQ to kiss. And wouldn't you know it, FQ sees fireworks when their lips lock.

And Santana? She's a bitch... Glee's words, not mine!

She gives FQ mono which unveils their smooch, causing havoc. Very maturely, FQ decide to hold off on their feelings for one another until they figure out where each of them stands with Rachel and Sam, respectively.

And the others? They do the same. Puck and Lauren decide to take things slowly while Kurt and Blaine decide to figure out what they want first.

Good for them. Props to Glee for handling these relationships with such maturity.

Remember Gleeks: make sure you know who you are before entering a relationship. Someone else shouldn't complete you. Complete yourself first. Getting into a relationship is like getting drunk. Don't do it to feel better. Do it to feel even better!

Happy Valentine's Day fellow Gleeks.


Best song – got to be the Gap Attack, although Tina's basket case rendition of My Funny Valentine had me in stitches.

Best line – "I've kissed Finn. Can I just say, not worth a buck. I would however pay $100 to jiggle one of his manboobs." - Santana

The Cheerios sure look weird in class without their uniform.

Where the heck was Sue this week?

I'm a fan of Quinn's slow talking, head leaning delivery, but it's growing repetitive.

See you next week!

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