Glee: Comeback

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What do you get when you combine the two most powerful forces in pop music today? (Sorry Lady Gaga) You get some Gleeber Fever on this week's episode of Glee.


After last week's Cheerios debacle, Sue is depressed and Sue-icidle. Emma comes up with the idea of Sue joining Glee to boost her spirits. Will is hesitant but obliges.

Sam actually believes that the FQ kiss wasn't real and that Quinn actually saved Finn from choking on a gumball.

The theme for Regionals this year is Anthems and Will invites the kids to audition their own ideas to perform. Sam, combining the assignment with his desire to reconnect with Quinn decides to go all Bieber in class because "everything he does is epic".

Much to the surprise of many, and the chagrin of Finn, Quinn digs the tune and Sam again. Artie, Puck, and Mike are feeling the post valentine blues with their significant others and they feel their relationships could use a little jolt of Bieber so they join forces with Sam to form The New and Improved Justin Bieber Experience.

Meanwhile, Rachel is in a huff over Brittany stealing her style and getting credit and praise for it. However, Rachel's got more to contend with in the form of a diva-off with Mercedes. Sue pitted the two against each other hoping to cause a ruckus in Glee class, but it backfires as the singing brings Rachel and Mercedes together. Trying to counter Sue's negativity, Will brings her to the Paediatric Cancer Ward and spreads some good cheer through songs with the kids. It must have worked because Sue gets inspired to sing her own anthem, a rocking version of "Sing" by My Chemical Romance.

Back to the SFQ love triangle. Santana, the home wrecker that she is tells the truth to Sam and recruits him as her new boy toy, leaving Quinn in the dust.

In other relationship news, the Walls of Jericho are showing some cracks as Lauren is slowly coming around to Puck after he helps her get over some stage fright. Rachel and Finn have a nice bonding moment at the end when Finn agrees that they need to write original material for Regionals and encourages Rachel to come up with something on her own.

But the biggest bomb is dropped by Sue, who fresh from all the inspiration, sticks it to Will by becoming the coach of Aural Intensity, thus, becoming the enemy once again.


Nice to see a little development with Sam. The Blonde Bieber is more than just a pretty face. I actually felt sorry for the gullible himbo at the beginning of this episode... until he hooked up with Santana. Now I'm just jealous.

It's always nice to see the softer side of Sue even if she did return to her old self by the end. And I love her undergarments!

Props to the New Directions for not singing clichéd anthems. I thought for sure I'd hear some Queen.

Where's the Bieste?

Best Song:

"This Little Light of Mine" at the cancer ward put a lump in my throat, but "Somebody To Love" by The New and Improved Justin Bieber Experience was tops with me if only for Puckerman's hair.

Best Lines:

"Who's more rock n roll than Justin Beiber. No on. That's who." – Sam

"I have got to get that girl on my Cheerios" – Sue about Sam after he performs "Baby".

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