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It turns out that having some magical champagne can be much worse for than sipping down kryptonite Crystal when it comes to having a double bachelor party evening in Metropolis. With the exception of there not being any tigers in the bathroom, left behind babies named Carlos, or any savant/idiot Zach Galifianakis types Smallville goes The Hangover route for an episode.

"Fortune" has it's fair share of plot holes and ludicrous moments making it this season's throw away episode. It starts out incidentally enough with Clark and Lois surrounded by their friends as they are both about to start a night on the town for their own bachelor/bachelorette parties. Then the episode fast forwards to the next morning where everyone (including Clark) wakes up hung over in a random location trying to piece together what happened the night before. Turns out the champagne was magically dosed by Zatanna so Clark and company could have a good time. After the cobwebs clear Lois, Clark and friends find themselves in cross hairs of casino boss when they discover they botched his insurance scam during their drunken stupor.

At first I really had mixed feelings about this episode. I mean the character that had supposedly given everyone this magical roofy isn't even in the episode to begin with. However, after watching it a second time I took the episode for what it was; which was an episode for the cast. "Fortune" doesn't even hint at anything for future episodes or bother adding to the series mythology. It seemed like more of a wrap party for the cast, as everyone just got to act goofy and hangout with their friends. Like I said you might need to watch this episode a second time and take it for what it is otherwise the second rate acting by the guest stars and the unnecessary cross dressing of Justin Hartley will just make you change the channel. And quick.

Maybe the only notable story-line in "Fortune" is Chloe's. She seems to be saying goodbye to the show again for a while and possibly taking Oliver with her as the two are suggested to have gone to Star City together. Chloe had hinted at her reason for leaving Metropolis again was so she could continue her search for new heroes and help them find their way. Even implying she had already met the future Batman and Wonder Woman in her travels already. Both of which are safe to say will not be appearing before the series end.

The episode had more head-scratching moments than anything else but it did delivery some funny moments. One being that Dr. Emil character letting loose his inner Elvis and surprisingly fully commits to his king impression. Another being Oliver and Lois trying to rein act a showgirls number making it both painful and humorous to watch. But Tom Welling takes the cake with his drunken version of Clark Kent. Clark finds it hilarious when he steals the massive Luthor Corp sign off of their downtown high rise, and he just starts walking around with it. He even feels the after effects the next morning when he super speeds himself into the side of a building

"Fortune", even with its faults, managed to cut some corners with it's budget as that might enable them to set up a bigger and better episode hopefully in the near future. The trailer for next week's episode, "Scion", shows some promise for that extra cash to go to good use. The only question is will Smallville have another throw episode like "Fortune" when the time comes closer to the series finale?

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I love smallville and have enjoyed it's 25 feb released episode. It was awesome. But now i am excitedly waiting to watch smallville forthcoming season 10 episode 16: Scion

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