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It's been an interesting season for Glee. Between some wonderfully giddy tribute episodes (Bieber & Rocky Horror) to some mature storylines about sexual confusion and discovery to topical themes like bullying, season two has provided an entertaining hodgepodge of episodes.

Glee by nature is a wildly uneven show, combining sentiment with satire, schmaltz with sarcasm, cheese with cutting edge. The unevenness is one of the things I enjoy about the show – it often produces something that will surprise me. Which is why I was a little disappointed with this week's "after school special: booze is bad" episode. The youth themed staple is like soooo 90210.

I guess they feel they have a service to provide, and I'll admit there were some interesting and humorous bits in this week's show.


Principal Figgins believes Mackinley High has a drinking problem. He creates an Alcohol Awareness Week at the school and asks New Directions to perform an anti-drinking number at an assembly.

Rachel's got writer's block because she hasn't lived enough so she throws a party to get drunk and gain some life experience. The party starts out lame but kicks into high gear once Puck breaks into the liquor cabinet. Then it's Glee Gone Wild: Santana's a basket case, Britney's a stripper, and Rachel starts spinning the bottle. And it's all harmless drunken fun until you kiss your gay friend's bff and develop feelings for him. That's what happens when Rachel kisses Blaine.

Now Rachel is vaklimpt because she thinks she has feelings for Blaine so they go on a date. Kurt is jealous and a bit irritated by Blaine's apparent leading on of Rachel. They share a wonderful scene together where Blaine admits he's still discovering who he is and is envious of Kurt because he's so sure of himself.

Meanwhile Shuster and Bieste share a great scene together themselves... along with a few beers. The kids in Glee are annoyed with adult "don't drink" hypocrisy and Will can't help but agree with them. To help shake off some of his stressful thoughts, Bieste takes Will to Rosalita's Roadhouse and they share a spirited and inebriated duet of the appropriate classic, "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One beer".

The next day at school, Will is hung over and the New Directions down a little liquid courage before their assembly performance of the "Key-dollar sign- Ha" hit song. The performance ends barfingly.

Busted! Not only the Gleeks, but Will too as Sue plays over the school's PA his drunken horny message intended for Emma but accidentally sent to her. Principal Figgins then meets with Will and his Glee students in what appears to be a scolding but, surprise! He's singing praise instead. Apparently the rest of the school is scared off of drinking from the very literal portrayal of the effects of alcohol by the New Directions' performance. Will also agrees to some Sex and Love Addiction Counselling from Principal Figgins' pastor.

Will and his students agree they dodged a bullet, and to make sure it won't happen again he makes everyone sign pledges not to drink until after Regionals. If they do, they can call him so he can pick them up. Awwwe, that's sweet of Will, but I think he should sign a pledge too. A pledge to not drink and dial!

I'm Mike Walkey. And that's one to grow on.

P.S. Rachel kisses Blaine again – this time sober but he feels nothing. Is Rachel bummed? Heck no. Because now she has something to write about in the form of forbidden love.



Principal Figgins wears Drakar Noir cologne. Classic!

I am so jealous of Rachel's Oscar party room.

Best Song: Artie's "Blame it on the Alcohol" was grooving, Rachel and Blaine's "Don't You Want Me" was fun and flirty, but I tip my ten gallon hat and raise my glass to Will and Bieste's "One Bourbon..." If only to see Bieste in a cowboy hat.

Best Lines: "What's with the Core Hart impression?" Sue to a hung over Will. – Got to love a reference to an 80s Canadian Pop Star. I wonder how many young Gleeks watching recognized that one?

"Ke$ha's been a cultural icon for weeks and I really want to do her music justice." – Brittany

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