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Tribute shows on Glee are usually hit or miss. Loved Gaga, Britney – not so much, Bieber... somewhere in between. For the most part, the tribute shows are more style than substance. Entertaining performances strung together by a thin plot. And I guess that's fine, because the artist's music is the showcase on those particular episodes.

Most of those aforementioned tribute shows are entertaining, but don't usually have much of a point, because the music often has little to do with the story. When Glee works best, is when it integrates the music seamlessly into the plot, preaching how art imitates life.

That's why I think this episode works. Using Fleetwood Mac's pop rock masterpiece Rumors, the New Directions are able to apply the music to their situations. Maybe it's the source material that works. Heartfelt song writing triumphs over corporate bubble gum pop this time around.


Rumours are flying everywhere at McKinnley because of two major sources: one old school, one new school. Sue has started up a new Gossip Rag/School Newspaper Muckraker, while Brittany has premiered an internet talk show Fondue For 2. Both are dropping bombs left and right: Apparently Santana plays for the other team, Kurt and Quinn are cheating on their significant others with Sam, Will is leaving McKinnley to pursue his dream of being on Broadway, and Osama Bin Ladin was killed. As it turns out none of these are true!

Will comes up with a "vinyl frontier" idea of having his students sing their favourite songs from his favourite record of the 70s. However, everyone is at each other's throats while putting together great duets, much like Fleetwood Mac themselves.

As it turns out, Sam's father lost his job and his family has been living in a motel. And what looked like cheating was just clothes sharing and babysitting from Kurt and Quinn respectively. And that Santana rumour? Well it's never made official by her but it does cause Arite to call Brittany stupid which ends their relationship.

Will puts to rest the rumour of him leaving. He admits he can't live without the Glee club, but there's a sense he's a little resentful.

A few open ends this episode that will get answered next week.

Best Songs

"Dreams " by April was certainly steamy and her white one piece suit looks better on her than it does Steven Tyler, but nothing's hotter than a love/hate relationship brought out in a duet as FQ did with "I Don't Want to Know"

Best Line

"He's just furniture." – Santana about the piano player, answering my long debating thought: is he or isn't he?

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