Glee: Funeral

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It's the second last episode of the season. Only one left before the Nationals finale in New York City. This week Glee decides to slow things down a bit and reflect.


Will has enlisted the help of Jesse St. James to prepare the Glee Club for Nationals and his presence is made immediately. Right off the bat, Jesse insists on setting up a competition to determine the star soloist for the competition. A little competition can be healthy, but Jesse seems to have some ulterior motives and dumps all over those trying out: Santana, Kurt, and Mercedee, shattering their confidence. Rachel is the only one who slips by and with flying colors in Jesse's eyes.

Meanwhile, Becky has been let go from the Cheerios causing Mr. Shuester to investigate why that cold blooded Sue would do such a horrible thing. As it turns out, Sue's sister has just passed away and through the heat of grieving, she fired Becky. And thus begins a very interesting look inside of Sue Sylverster. We see into her mind, her heart, her soul. We learn a little about what makes Sue Sylvester tick. And we get a great performance by Jane Lynch.

Sue has trouble expressing her grieving and proceeds to take it out on the people around her: Will and the Glee club. As much as they try to help her during her time of need, she won't let them and puts up a shield in the process. Despite all the verbal abuse, Finn and Kurt decide to throw a special Willy Wonka inspired funeral in honour of Jean Sylvester.

The Glee Club performs a melancholic "Pure Imagination" at the ceremony where Sue finally lets down her guard. Will helps Sue get through her eulogy speech where she can't help but be thankful for all the help Will and the glee club have done for her.

It's interesting to see Sue go through such emotion during this episode, and refreshing to see the character get some new layers unveiled to us. There are times when you can read so much pain behind Sue's eyes but the only way she knows how to express that bottled up emotion is by lashing out with her sarcastic, sinister Sue-isms. To see her go through such a range of change by the end of the episode is a feat to the writers and the talent of Jane Lynch.

After the funeral, Finn breaks up with Quinn who doesn't take it too well. Becky gets her status reactivated on the Cheerios and Sue makes peace with Will and informs him of her intentions on running for the U.S. House of Representatives. Alas, the 'old' Sue is still inside there somewhere!

By the end of the episode, Will has decided to do away with Jesse's help and go with the type of format that got them to Nationals: original songs performed by the group. And off to the Big Apple they go!

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