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New characters of Glee have been hit or miss. Sam, aka, Trouty Mouth, was a welcome addition but Sunshine Corazon never really caught much fire. The love her or hate her Sugar Mata always has me in stitches, despite her limited screen time.

Now comes Rory Flannigan (Glee Project co-winner Damien McGinty) a possible Leprechaun, who could be Kurt's long lost straight Irish brother. I don't know how much mileage we're going to get out of this character. He seems too much like a caricature than a real person, but then again walking the line between satire and sentiment has always been a Glee trademark.


Irish Porcelain, aka Rory Flannigan, is believed by Brittany to be a real Leprechaun. Wanting to make friends in his new school, Rory plays along and proceeds to grant her three wishes in return of getting a peek at Brit's pot of gold.

Sue's political campaign keeps rolling along, taking out New Direction's West Side Story in her path. She gets the school board to cut its funding prompting Kurt's dad Burt to not only help fund the musical but also run for office against Sue.

Meanwhile, the star of Shelby's Show Choir, Mercedes, ends up recruiting Santana and Brittany who's in need of a boost after Finn calls her an idiot and finds out Leprechauns don't exist. The newly formed Troubletones mix with Sugar, and produce one dynamite rendition of Christina Aguilera's "Candyman". Now that's what I'm talking about!

It's a good thing for Shelby because Quinn and Puck are plotting to steal Beth back by framing Shelby as an unfit mother. Luckily Puck gains a conscience and decides to axe the plan, but that doesn't stop Quinn from revealing her true motivations. It seems Princess Quinn is insecure about everyone else's success and thought having something to call her own (Beth) would bring her happiness. Hopefully one day she'll learn that babies aren't fixer upper accessories.

In other news, Finn, who's struggling with his leadership role had an interesting episode, full of growth. When not getting over his jealousy of Blaine, he was apologizing to the Troubletones, saving Rory Flannigan from the Hockey Mullet Bullies and recruiting him to New Directions. The blossoming leader is sure a turn on for Rachel who you can bet will find a way to, ahem, congratulate him in the next episode!

Finally, the true pot of gold is revealed in the last shot of the episode. Puck (who btw, looks waaaaay too old to be in high school! Just sayin') plants one on Shelby. Booyeah! I don't know who I'm happier for? And which one is living out the better fantasy? Seducing your smokin' teacher? Or getting it on with your hot Pool Boy?


Best Lines:

"Say U2 is overrated! Say it!" - The Mullet Bullies to Rory

"In American, dudes don't ask dudes to be friends, except on Facebook, and even that could take years." – Finn to Rory

Best Song:

Blaine's version of Katy Perry's "Friday Night" was fun but this week was no contest: "Candyman" all the way!

Next Episode Sneak Peek: "The First Time"

  • The title of this episode refers to Kurt & Blaine and Finn & Rachel, as these two couples bring their dancing skills out of the choir room and into the bedroom
  • Coach Bieste gets a love interest
  • The return of Karofsky!

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