Supernatural: Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!

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When Dean gets an urgent call from Sam to show up at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, he's ready for any demon that might be waiting. Unfortunately for Dean, he never expected a wedding.

Dean is stunned when his brother is getting married but his jaw almost hits the floor when he finds out that Sam is getting married to Superfan99 herself, Becky. Dean is naturally suspicious and swears that no matter what deal she made or magic she used, he will put an end to the whole thing. When Sam and Becky head back to Delaware for their honeymoon, Dean gives Bobby a call to get some help getting to the bottom of everything so Bobby sends Garth. It's after a number of people in Delaware begin having fatal accidents shortly after great things happen to them, Sam's marriage suddenly makes sense: crossroads demon. Unlike the usual deals, people are dying days after the deal rather than the usual ten years and now, Dean and Garth need to stop the demon before it's too late for Becky and Sam.

This will sound harsh but there was not one thing about Season Seven, Time for a Wedding! that didn't suck. Of all characters that have ever appeared throughout the course of Supernatural, the writers picked the most annoying one of the bunch in Becky. Crossroads demons used to have some of the best stories in the entire series (let's not forget that Crowley first appeared as one). They were charismatic and even though their intentions were pure evil, they were borderline irresistible. Also, removing the hellhounds from the equation makes it far less appealing as the scene where "the intern" watched the baseball player from the stands before killing him was another excuse to have a Final Destination style death.

When the cross roads demon told Becky that she was so pathetic it loops around to cute, he was wrong; she's so pathetic it loops back around to more pathetic. Becky (played by Emily Perkins) has typically been met with mixed reactions whenever she appears on the show but an episode based around her actions is not an interesting concept in the least. DJ Qualls also did little to show that another awkward/lanky actor would not have just as good of a job but the character Garth was not written well to begin with. How are we expected to believe that Garth is a demon hunter when he only got in the way when they encountered a demon? Having Garth and Becky get together at the end of the episode was also as expected as Sam and Dean killing a demon at some point in the hour.

All in all, Season Seven, Time for a Wedding! turned out to be a disaster. If they truly wanted to poke fun at the crossroads demon concept they should have cast DJ Qualls as an inept crossroads demon trying to outwit the Winchesters and eventually facing the wrath of Crowley (or Crowley being too embarrassed to even punish him!). There were so many other directions the show could have taken and this was not it. Hopefully Supernatural turns things around with next week's How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters.

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