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Kudos to Glee this episode for handling a common story in high school dramas: the student/teacher love affair. First of all, I totally forgot that Puckerman was 18, so he and Shelby together technically wouldn't be illegal. Secondly, kudos to Shelby for telling Puck that the kiss was inappropriate and he just has a crush, no matter how "Hot for Teacher" he may be.

Those are some pretty mature words coming from Shelby – rare for a teen drama. So many in the past have taken liberties with this type of storyline. At least I actually believed that Shelby could be attracted to Puck. Did anyone ever believe that a dork like Pacey could ever get a hottie like Tamara Jacobs in the first season of Dawson's Creek?


It's a full moon at McKinley High: Sue is telling the world that Burt has a baboon heart, Rachel is stepping on Kurt's toes in her presidential campaign, Brittany's promising to go topless, Santana and Finn are throwing balls... and jabs at each other, and the only one who's playing nice is Kurt.

McKinley doesn't seem to be big enough for the New Directions and The Troubletones. But since, they both have to coexist, Shelby and Will try to inject a little friendly competition to help prep for Sectionals. The result: McKinley High's first ever Mash Off.

After a game of dodgeball turns violent and solves nothing, Finn outs Santana in front of everyone. Quinn tries to join the Troubletones, but Shelby vetoes it, because Puck told her about Quinn's baby motives.

At the Senior Class Presidential debate, Rachel concedes to Kurt helping them bury the hatchet. The good vibes can't be said for Sue's campaign, however. After setting the tone early, opposing candidate Reggie Salizar fires back with a TV spot that outs Santana and questions Sue's lifestyle.

Still reeling from the news, Santana makes it through her Mash Up number but breaks down afterwards and takes it out on Finn with one heck of a right cross.

This episode had a lot going on, but all in all belonged to Santana. She can really elevate the emotion on the show and I could really feel her pain by the end. Early in the episode, her paranoia and her agitation, spoke like someone who's got a big secret.

Best Line:

"Winning is really about poo flinging" - Sue

Best Song:

Shelby was one "Hot Teacher" and you could feel the hurt Santana was conveying during the "Someone Like You" portion of the Adele Mash Up, but in honour of Movember, my pick this week is for the Hall & Oates Mash Up, if only for those banging staches!

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