Glee: Hold On To Sixteen

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Normally this would be the week of a Christmas episode, but since Glee was on hiatus because of Fox's coverage of the World Series, we're a week or two behind. Still, this week's fast paced Sectionals episode provided some interesting storylines and fun performances.


Quinn is threatening to expose Puck and Shelby; she figures the knowledge she's got is an ace in her back pocket to win Sectionals. Everyone else in New Directions, however, isn't as optimistic about their chances. Finn comes up with the idea of recruiting Sam Evans, aka Trouty Mouth so he and Rachel rescue him from the prison of Cougars and dollar bills that he had been making a living as in Kentucky. Too bad, because Trouty Mouth is a great stripper name! I wonder how many stripper-turned-Glee Club Members there are in this world?

Sam's return shakes up McKinley in different ways: first he turns down Quinn's advances; then lets Mercedee know he's going to fight for her despite the bulldozing size of her current boyfriend; finally he and Blaine have a falling out over some provocative dance moves. The later causes Finn to continue on his "Leader" path and patch things up between the two. He even admits to Blaine the jealousy he had when he joined Glee Club. Nice work Finn. Way to take one for the team.

There is one person that Finn can't persuade – Dr. Chang, Mike's Father. This honour goes to Tina who has a tete a tete with the patriarch and somehow convinces him to attend Sectionals.

And about those Sectionals. The performances were solid, if unspectacular. Maybe we've just seen so many competitions over the years, it's hard for anything to feel fresh. However, having Rachel suspended and the Glee Club divided into two parts (The Troubletones and New Directions) provided viewers with twice the music and a chance to spread the singing around. Santana and Mercedee were front and centre as expected, but it was also nice to see Tina give it her all for New Directions.

In the end, it was New Directions' Jacksons trilogy of "ABC", "Control", and "Man in the Mirror" that beat out The Troubletones' mash-up of "I Will Survive" and "Survivor". Good, because I thought there was way too much arm flailing in the Troubletones' performance. And when did Mercedee become such an angry singer?

Anyways, by the end, Papa Chang is proud of his son, Quinn ditches her sociopathic ways and has a change of heart, Shelby is still employed by McKinley, the Troubletones return to New Directions, and they all decide to hold on to sixteen as long as they can.

Best Song:

I'm a big fan of MJ, but I'm going with Sam's comeback performance "Red Solo Cup", if only for the aghast expression on Kurt's face during it.

Best Lines:

"You smell like Craigslist" - Kurt to that home wrecker Sebastian.

"Even I felt something in my lady loins when he (Sam) did that magic sex dance." - Santana

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