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Love is in the air at McKinley and in more ways than one: Becky is setting her sights on Artie, Sam and Mercedes are relieving their 'Summer Nights", Beiste and Cooter apparently eloped, Will is trying to propose to Emma and Fichel's relationship is about to take a major step forward.


Poor Will -- despite that stylish do, he needs help proposing to Emma. And I guess he doesn't have any friends or family because he enlists the help of the New Directions, with (naturally) an assignment for a perfectly romantic number to confess his love with. The Gleeks come up with some decent ideas: Arite shakes his wheels to a "Moves Like Jagger/ Jumpin' Jack Flash" mash up, while the girls offer up "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face", during which Mercedes realizes she still has feelings for Sam.

Perhaps Finn could do better, especially now that he's the best man! I wonder how many high school teachers have had a student of theirs as their best man? But Finn is preoccupied (still) with his future and this time is looking to enlist in the army to follow in the footsteps of his heroic father.

Not so fast, says Mamma Finn! Apparently Finn's pops was not the great war hero he had him believe, but a dishonourably discharged drug addict who overdosed in Cincinnati. Finn is devastated by the news and now has to completely rethink his future, again. So he figures that love will conquer all. More on that in a second.

Will has a minor setback from Emma's parents – they don't give their blessing and try to scare him away from marrying someone with OCD. Not to be deterred, he realizes that Emma truly is the one for him and he and the New Directions concoct an elaborate synchronized swimming proposal to Emma, who of course says 'yes'.

Meanwhile, Artie and Becky share a nice evening at Breadsticks together but when she start sexting him, Artie knows he's got to stop leading her on. Becky holds her head up high and gets comfort from Sue.

Finally, the lost Finn with no future believes that getting married will solve all his insecurities he has about himself so he decides to propose to Rachel.

And that's what you missed on Glee.

Best Song

"We Found Love" – the centerpiece of the episode marked this elaborate pitch perfect proposal by Will and the New Directions. Kudos to Rachel for discovering her inner Esther Williams.

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