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It's amazing that Glee hasn't had a tribute show to Michael Jackson yet, but here it is in all its glory: and as expected it's both awkward and magnificent. But I wouldn't expect anything less from a tribute to MJ.


The Troubletones are happy to be back in New Directions with only one regret: they never got to perform Michael Jackson with them at Sectionals. So everyone decides they should do it for Regionals. There is one little blip, however. Blaine accidentally spills the beans to Sebastian, the new evil head of the Warblers, who steals their idea. Since The Warblers are performing ahead of New Directions at Regionals, there's nothing the Gleeks can do.

In an effort to help, Mr. Shuester asks them, "What would MJ do?" - this week's assignment. And the New Directions proceed to stick it to The Warblers in typical Glee fashion: by out Moonwalking them. It all starts with a "Bad" off that backfires when Blaine gets a salt rock filled slushie thrown in his face scratching his cornea in the process. Then Arnie vents his frustration in a fantasy "Scream" sequence. As for Blaine, he can't perform because of his eye-patch, so Kurt tries to cheer him up with a schmaltzy serenade of "Ben".

Never one to back down from a bully, Santana engages Sebastian in some MJ foreplay in the shape of a duelling cellos version of "Smooth Criminal". She's also able to record Sebastian admitting to the rock salt incident. This provides the catalyst for the New Directions to take the high road instead of fighting fire with fire. Instead of blackmailing Sebastian, they stand up to the Warblers with a performance of "Black or White" and unveil to them just what kind of a jerk their leader is.

In non- MJ news, Quinn gets into Yale, Kurt gets into NYADA, and Rachel accepts Finn's proposal, but by that last shot we suspect she's already having second thoughts now that she too has been accepted to NYADA.

Oh, what does a driven, type-A personality, successful female do? We can only wait and see...

Best Songs:

I love MJ, but this week's performances were wildly inconsistent. Blaine's "Gonna Be Startin' Somethin'" kicked ass, but the "Bad" off just sounded awkward. And that editing was too quick to see all that great choreography. Sam and Mercedes's duet of "Human Nature" was pretty, but "Ben" was just creepy. I love the original message of "Black or White" but in the context of this episode, it didn't make much sense. I'm going with the duelling cellos of "Smooth Criminal". Totally awkward at first, but it won me over in the end. And I love a girl in a suit skirt and a fedora!

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