Glee: The Spanish Teacher

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There's an open tenure position at McKinley and competition is stiff. Sue wants it, but has to decide between career and having a baby! Will wants it, but has to somehow improve his Spanish classes.

Introducing Senior David Martinez: Spanish teacher by night, sexy and he knows it by day. After Will is smitten by his Spanish night class teacher, he invites David to come to Glee class to inject a little spice into their routine. And boy does he do it! Phew, is it hot in here? After watching Ricky Martin shake his bon bon through "Sexy and I Know It" I had to check my own sexuality. If someone was able to convert this raging hetero for three minutes, I think he just about did it!

Meanwhile, Sue's looking for sperm donors for her to be artificially inseminated (don't ask), Roz (NeNe Leeks) is teaching the Cheerios how to "Bring It On", and Mercedes is still having trouble choosing between Sam and Shane. On a recommendation from Emma, Mercedes and Sam decide not to speak for a week and see if they still want to be with one another.

In Fichel news, the cat is out of the bag as Rachel tells Mercedes and Kurt that Finn proposed. Appalled, Kurt blasts Finn for his premature sign of affection. In a great scene, Kurt tells Finn that he's got more going for him than he realizes and marrying Rachel right now looks like he's just trying to make himself feel better. Oh if only more people had Kurt as their relationship therapist! Don't rely on others to make you happy, make yourself happy and share that happiness with someone you love.

Emma and Will are going through a little tiff of their own. Will's putting too much pressure on himself trying to impress the Glee club with his Spanish performance, and ignoring Emma in the process.

The day comes when Will performs his Mexican – Elvis style performance and it doesn't impress too many, especially Santana, who blasts him for reinforcing stereotypes. Will learns his lesson, and agrees to not try so hard next time. He follows that up by offering a full time Spanish Teacher gig to David Martinez, which brings a beaming smile to his perfectly moisturized face. Will also makes up with Emma who, guess what, got McKinley's tenured position!

And that's all she wrote. Sorry fans, you'll have to wait until next week for more dish on Fichel and the Sam- Shane- Mercedes triangle. Not to mention Sue's potential maternity leave!?

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