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This week's Glee Club assignment is "The World's Greatest Love Songs", which is a pretty broad assignment, if you ask me. But it does provide the show with some nice expressions of affection through song. But unlike other episodes, the songs this week (with the exception of one) were secondary to the cornucopia of love weaving throughout McKinley High.

Oh, there's a lot of lovin' in this episode. All kinds too. And boy, can love be complicated! Where to begin? How's about starting with a little Sugar? That's Mata, and she's throwing a Valentine's Shaker at Breadsticks this year. Don't ask, don't tell how she can afford it! But since it's for couples only, Artie and Rory have decided to fight for the honour of taking Sugar as their date., with Rory winning out after using the old expired 'Green Card' excuse!

Fichel finally tells everyone about their engagement and the rest of the class isn't too keen on the news. Rachel's dads however, seem all for it and decide to have Finn's parent over for dinner to celebrate. As it turns out, those devious dads were trying some reverse psychology, hoping that their unabashed support would allow Fichel to realize what a mistake their making. Fichel doesn't buy in however, at least not in this episode, and after a minor argument joins the gang for the V-Day party at The Sugar Shack, aka Breadsticks. But more on that later.

The God Squad returns just in time for V-Day to spread Vocal Valentines around the school. Despite a new member, Joseph Hart, they have to decide if singing for lesbians, aka "Britana", goes against their beliefs. It's already been a tough week for Santana and Brittany since Principal Figgins won't allow them any PDA in the school halls. So Santana's hoping the God Squad can come through for them.

Kurt doesn't have to worry about PDA, since the gorilla who's giving him gifts won't tell him who he is! As it turns out, Kurt has a secret admirer dressed as a gorilla, but that monkey looks a bit big to be Blaine!

And finally, the Mercedes – Shane – Sam love triangle comes to an end this episode in pure tragic love story fashion: Mercedes tells Shane about Sam, who breaks up with her. Then Mercedes realizes she needs to be alone to figure things out so she turns Sam away as well. Alone and sad, Mercedes proceeds to belt out the centerpiece of the episode: Whitney Houston's epic "I Will Always Love You". Leave it to Glee to properly use this beautiful break up song as it is: A Break Up Song! All those newlyweds who used it as their wedding song in the early 90s should have listened more closely to the lyrics. Kudos to Glee for the proper interpretation, and to Mercedes for putting a lump in the throat of every viewer with her performance. It was the perfect tribute to the fallen queen herself: Whitney Houston, rest in peace.

The episode climaxes with the Sugar Shack bash at Breadsticks, which marks the return of Blaine sans eye patch who leads a sassy rendition of, what else? "Love Shack"!

But before all is well, the God Squad says 'to hell with it' and vocalizes their valentines to Britana. And we find out that Karofsky was the man in the monkey suit! Kurt and his admirer share a terrific scene together where Karofsky swears he's a changed man. Alas, Kurt politely says he just wants to be friends. I'm sure there will be more on this storyline in future episodes.

And that's what you missed on Glee!

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