Glee: On My Way

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Oh we have some heavy stuff here this week. This episode marks the end season three's second act where Glee will take its usual hiatus for a few weeks. Let's get right into it:

It's Regionals and the guns are firing on all cylinders. Sebastian is blackmailing the New Directions by forcing Rachel to drop out or he will post a photo shopped nude photo of Finn. Meanwhile, the secret is out about Karofsky and he's being bullied at his school. But unlike Kurt, he can't take it and tries to commit suicide. The scene is presented in an emotionally shattering montage cross cutting between Blaine singing "Cough Syrup" and Karofsky going through his personal hell.

The attempted suicide shakes up everyone's world, especially Kurt who feels responsible for not dating Karofsky. It also gives Sebastian a change of heart who announces that he's no longer playing dirty and The Warblers' Regionals performance will be dedicated to Karofsky. Also feeling the effect is Fichel who feels the need to push up their wedding to immediately after their performance, because life is too short, I guess?

Regionals comes and goes and instead of a usual suspenseful competition, it turns into a love fest as the schools become all supportive of one another, again in light of the Karofsky event. The performances were solid, if unspectacular. There just wasn't anything audacious, except maybe for the smoke machine, this time around.

And the winner? Drum roll please... New Directions, in a rather anti-climactic victory. Not because it was undeserving, but because the competition this week was secondary to the drama going on elsewhere. But if you thought a botched suicide and a premature wedding was all that was in store this week, then you were wrong! First, Kurtofsky share yet another great scene together in the hospital where they finally become real friends. Then, Sue goes soft like Sebastian and tells Will she wants to help him win Nationals. And she's serious! It must be the hormones, since Sue Sylvester is with child.

And about that wedding! Well, aside from the parents wanting to stop the ceremony, the real problem is Quinn who is late. "Where are you?" texts Rachel. "On my w..."

Yet another car crash cliff-hanger!

Find out next episode what happened to Quinn!

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