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Well, Glee is finally back after its usual spring hiatus and we've got quite a few things to catch up on since that last cliff-hanger episode.


As it turns out, Finn did not make an honest woman out of Rachel. That's right, Fichel did not tie the knot out of respect for Quinn's accident. And speaking of Quinn, she's now the proud owner of a new set of wheel... chair. And I say proud because as it turns out, Ms. Farraday firmly believes her time in the chair is only temporary despite some nay saying from Artie. Still, the two pair up for an inspiring "I'm Still Standing".

Principal Figgins has hired Roz Washington to co-coach the Cheerios, much to the chagrin of Sue. To counter, Sue works out a deal with Figgins: she guarantees a Glee Club National Championship along with its $10,000 purse in exchange to be the sole Cheerio Coach. Therefore, Sue becomes the new Booty Camp Leader, or Drill Sergeant if you will. By working more closely with Will she's developed a sort of respect for the man, at least enough to allow he and Emma to accompany her to the doctor as Sue finds out the sex of her unborn child. And it's a good thing the extra support was there, because the doctor not only discovers a girl, but also some amino irregularities.

Meanwhile, making Blaine's life miserable is his successful actor older brother Cooper Anderson, who's visiting McKinley. Despite knocking it out of the park together with a Triple D (Duran Duran Duet), Blaine just can't take all the criticism. After Cooper gives some crazy acting advice to the Glee Club, Blaine vents his frustrations with his overly critical kin with a performance of Christina Aguilera's "Stronger". Blaine and Coop do reconcile by the end of the episode and do it in the way that all bros like to communicate: through another song and dance!

The rest of the seniors take part in the annual Senior Ditch Day with most of them going to Six Flags save for Quinn and Artie who hit up the Crip Skip: a skate board park for people with disabilities. Here, Artie bursts Quinn's bubble as she's still in denial about her injury. Only time will tell if Quinn's wheelchair is a temporary accessory but by trying to get her to think realistically, Quinn and Artie have a falling out.

And speaking of fall outs, it seems that Finn is finally growing a spine and standing up to Rachel about his future. After seeing the glamorous life of cleaning pools, Finn is thinking about joining Puck in Los Angeles as two Pool cleaning studs, but of course this goes against Rachel's plans. So it seems Fichel has some more things to straighten out before the end of the school year, or at least Nationals.

And that's what you missed on Glee!

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