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Tribute episodes can be fun, and this one certainly is. But often the tribute is forced upon the episode so much the word "contrivance" doesn't even begin to explain the awkwardness. Saturday Night Fever? Awesome album. A virtual gold mine of material for song and dance sequences for this week's episode of Glee. But seamlessly injecting itself into the plot? Not so much.


The theme for nationals is "vintage" so Blaine, Mike, and Brittany cook up a hot "You Should Be Dancing" number to maybe get the creative juices flowing. This gets Will all excited since the music brings him back to memories of his Gleeful days. That's good, because Will is also a little bummed that some of his students (Finn, Mercedes, and Santana to name a few) aren't focused on their future as much as he'd like. Will thinks he can mash up his conflicting feelings and solve everyone's problems! Alas, this week's assignment: Perform a song from Saturday Night Fever and share your hopes for the future.

I find it odd that some of the Glee members think "Disco Sucks". "It's music our parents listened to." Argues Finn. His parents probably also listened to Journey, Fleetwood Mac, Billy Joel and all the other easy listening AM radio artists that he had no problem performing in the past! It's hard to believe that kids in Glee class would find disco uncool. Uh, you guys are in Glee, and you're complaining about being uncool?

Anyways, apparently Kurt and Mercedes had a child. Well, not exactly, but their biggest fan, Wade Adams, aka Unique, is a member of Vocal Adrenaline and asks advice from them about donning drag at his performance. Kurt and Mercedes give Unique their blessing and he/she rips out a sassy version of "Boogie Shoes".

The assignment performances go like this: Mercedes Inferno ends up on You Tube via Sam, who scores some brownie points with her... or maybe that was skim milk points? Santana makes it clear that she wants to be famous no matter what, but regrets it once she achieves fame via a Brittany/Santana/kitten sex tape. Santana settles on a cheerleading scholarship instead. As for Finn, after struggling with the paralyzing effect of his low self esteem, he somehow gets inspired by watching John Travolta in platform shoes, into pursuing an acting career in New York! (huh?)

Whatever, but Fichel looks like they've made up (for now) and both have eyes set on the Big Apple.

It's great Mr. Shuester is pushing his students to have something to shoot for, but it's a little frustrating to see everyone just end up with stars in their eyes hungry for fame. Wouldn't a better subject to tackle be the "I'm So Special" Generation who've grown up American Idolizing Kim Kardashian into falsely believing that they're not 'somebody' unless strangers know who they are?

And where was Quinn during Staying Alive?

Best Song:

The episode started with a bang and never reached the heights of Blaine's opening number of "You Should Be Dancing". However, Santana did look great in that Travolta suit!

Best Line:

"My goodness, sex tapes are a dime a dozen. I myself made a sex tape with Oliver North. Wasn't very popular, probably because we released it on Betamax. And I think Chainey still has a copy. " – Sue to Santana

On the Next Episode of Glee:

From one tribute to another: Whitney Huston gets the Royal Glee treatment with her own tribute episode. Songs include: "How Will I Know", "Saving All My Love For You", and "My Love Is Your Love".

Trouble in paradise? Blaine has a beef with Kurt's flirting.

And Will and Emma try to decide on a Wedding date.

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