Glee: How Will I Know

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After last week's awkward Saturday Night Fever tribute episode, Glee returns with yet another homage, this time paying tribute to the late great Whitney Houston. Even though the concept of this week's tribute is a forced one (the students are apparently still mourning Whitney's death 4 weeks later?) this week's episode is more polished than last week's with some nice arrangements of the diva's hits.


Will's assignment this week is for the New Directions to sing a Whitney Houston song in an effort to pay their respects and maybe get some closure. The real issue is Will's fear of saying goodbye to his students, but more on that later.

While brainstorming for a song to perform at Between The Sheets (what a great name for a record store!) Kurt meets Chandler and immediately takes a liking to him. Kurt doesn't let anything get past a little textual flirting... okay a lot of textual flirting...but it's enough to make Blaine upset. And the two of them vent their frustrations each with a Whitney solo. Luckily Emma is there to provide a little couples counselling (and pamphlets) for the pair as they find out it's not just the seven month itch they're suffering from. It turns out Kurt's dad isn't the only one who's going to miss Kurt when he leaves for NYADA, but Blaine is struggling with that too.

The other Whitney numbers go more smoothly with Santana and Rachel teaming up for "So Emotional" and Brittany prancing through "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" which makes Quinn a little uncomfortable since she's not doing much dancing from her wheelchair. In an attempt to cheer her up, Joe accompanies Quinn to her physiotherapy where they share a "moment". Quinn's hoping for more than just a moment with Joe, but he's in love with the Lord and can't cheat on Him with a cheerleader! So instead they channel their lust into a steamy duet of "Saving All My Love".

Meanwhile, Will's hoping to get married before the school year's over, but Emma just doesn't see the practicality of it. As it turns out we discover Will's testiness is because he doesn't want his students to leave. As great a teacher as Will is, he really needs to work on himself a bit since he sure feels like he's nothing without them.

The episode ends with a terrific group performance of "Your Love Is My Love". Could this be one of the last performances of this core group? Only a few more episodes to find out.

On The Next Episode Of Glee:

- Rachel and Kurt audition for NYADA with guest star Whoopi Goldberg

- Performances include: "School's Out", "The Rain In Spain", and "Cell Block Tango"

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