Glee: Choke

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It's a big week at McKinley. There's only a few weeks left of school and there's so much to do! Naturally Glee packs a ton into this week's heavy episode with a few surprised up its sleeve. Where to begin?


It's showtime! NYADA auditions are this week which has Kurt and Rachel stressed out. Rachel decides to play it safe with a staple in her repertoire: "Don't Rain On My Parade" while Kurt is considering taking a chance with something bold.

Coach Bieste shows up at school with a shiner causing some of the girls to joke about her hubby Cooter going "all Chris Brown" on her. Clearly not amused with the joke, Sue, Roz, and Bieste assign the girls (Santana, Brittany, Tina, Mercedes, Sugar) to sing a song about female empowerment.

Meanwhile, "School's Out" for Puck because he can't seduce his Geography teacher into giving him a passing grade. But just before he gives everything up to wallow in pool cleaning self pity, his dad shows up to borrow money from him. Inspired by his encounter with his dead beat pops (or fear of ending up like him), Puck enlists the help of his buddies to help him cram for the Geography test in a ditch effort to save his school career.

Back to the auditions. Kurt ends up taking a chance with "Not The Boy Next Door" and after nailing it, that could only mean one thing: since this week's episode was entitled "Choke", would Ms Berry do the unthinkable? She sure did! Poor Rachel forgot the lines (twice!) to a song she's was singing in the womb. Thank you. Next please!

The secret about Bieste's black eye comes out when she storms out of the girls' performance of the "Cell Block Tango". As it turns out Cooter did hit her and it wasn't a sports injury as originally believed. But as tough as it was for Bieste to come out with her secret, it turns out she's got another: she's staying in the relationship and giving Cooter a second chance while everyone believes she's now living with her sister.

This storyline seemed awkward at first mostly due to its "out of left fieldness" and that Coach Bieste has been underused in recent weeks. But it will be interesting to see where this goes. It's already interesting to see different sides to Sue, Roz, and Bieste.

The episode ends on a somber note, as Rachel "Cries" her way through a Kelly Clarkson solo and Puck is faced with his biggest challenge: an F.

On the next episode of Glee:

- It's prom and everybody's doing the dinosaur, well Brittany is at least as she performs the Ke$ha hit

- Quinn goes missing

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