Glee: Prom-asaurus

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Prom episodes historically have provided television with some of its most memorable moments. Who can forget Donna Martin getting drunk and almost expelled from West Beverly High or Carlton Banks' manic "Carlton Dance on Speed", literally.

Traditionally someone loses their virginity or gets busted for an illegal substance at Prom. At McKinley, however, it's all about the Queen.


Once again The New Directions are performing at Prom, but this year President Brittany has some strict rules. Dinosaurs shall be theme this year, no one shall wear any hair gel (sorry Blaine), and Quinn and Santana will count the votes for Prom Royalty.

Rachel, who's having a tough time getting over last week's audition choke, is throwing an Anti-Prom Party with various rejects: Kurt and Blaine because Blaine can't wear hair gel, Becky because she's not a Prom Queen finalist, and Puck because his graduation is in jeopardy following his failed Geography test.

The big night arrives, and everything is going smoothly until Finn walks in on Quinn walking in the bathroom. Actually, she's just standing, but Finn can't believe his eyes and storms out of the Prom to get Rachel. I don't see the big deal about Quinn. She just started walking at her last Physio session, just ask Joe. Even so, Finn was pretty upset because he felt that Quinn was exploiting her injury.

The Anti Prom party ends up being pretty lame so everyone ends up going to school and hitting up the real Prom. Kurt and Blaine, sans hair gel (best gag of the night!), Puck and Becky – happy as can be with a cardboard crown on her head and a hottie on her arm, and finally Fichel who show up as beautiful as ever but this time as, surprise! Prom King and Queen. After Rachel lays a guilt trip on Quinn about how proud she is of her, Quinn and Santana do a good deed and write in Rachel's name so she can be the Queen to Finn's King.

Love those cheesy Prom photos!

And that's what you missed on Glee.

Next week, don't miss the 2 Hour Season finale!

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