Flashpoint: Sons of the Father

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"I know what I'm doing. My father was a doctor."

Colin, the antagonist in "Sons of the Father," was one of the worst criminals the Strategic Response Unit has encountered so far. In this episode alone, he committed a kidnapping, assault with a weapon, arson, rigged an explosive that would blow up on the SRU, and attempted to poison his victim to death. This was all after a couple of previous murders, a break and enter on his brother's property, and a theft to divert the police's attention. Why? So he could watch his victims die.

Still, the show insists on creating a sad backstory to explain how the weekly Flashpoint criminal could be that evil, and to show that he was really not all that bad. The defining moment from Colin's past involved him and his brother, Allan, watching as their physician father euthanized their sick mother, which apparently turned Colin into his crazy father.

So, that made him insane. Understandable that an eleven year old boy would end up with post-traumatic stress disorder, but somehow turn into a copy cat killer on women with no relation to him? One that kidnaps nurses, just to drug them, and watch and record them die in peace? There is a difference between coping badly, and committing a crime for some sort of sick self-gratification.

But because somebody made an emotional connection, Colin turned what was left of his life around. His estranged brother talked some sense into him, reminding him that their dad was a killer, which sparked that little bit of sense in Colin. After the revelation, Colin offered up Peggy's location, and he died, but not before sparing the life of his latest victim.

Well, at least the criminal committing suicide made things easier. It was one less sniper rifle bullet that had to be fired, and one less drop of blood on the hands of Ed Lane. At the end of the day, the events of "Broken Peace" caught up to Ed. The mother of the girl that Ed shot came to forgive Ed, but Ed could not accept it.

Ed sure has a short memory span. He should be grateful that the criminal's family member went out of their way to forgive him. If he had remembered the little incident from "Between Heartbeats," then he could take solace that nobody in the criminal's family turned out to be a military trained sniper, that was shooting Toronto police officers, just to bring Ed out into the open.

The fourth season of Flashpoint is now out. Click on the images below to buy the DVD. Notice the differences between the Canadian and American versions. The Canadian version has the CN Tower in the background, and has Ed Lane (the main character) on the forefront of the cover. The American version has Greg Parker significantly more prominent than any other character. This is likely due to Enrico Colantoni having achieved fame playing Elias on Person of Interest. On top of that, there is a bit of a slap in the face to Canadians, that the American version is massively cheaper than the Canadian version, despite Flashpoint being a Canadian show.

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