The Walking Dead: Welcome To The Tombs

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"This life now, you kill or you die. Or you die and you kill."

If there is one thing that desperately needs to be addressed about The Walking Dead, it is the series' tendency to just deliberately put off important plot elements in an episode. Instead, it favours pushing off these stories off to future episodes. In all likelihood, this is done for budget reasons, and as a form of creating suspense. But in the end, all it really accomplishes, is leaving the viewers somewhat upset, at having waited for a whole week, just for that next episode to skip that cliffhanger all together.

The most recent time the series pulled this stunt, was with the plots of Andrea getting captured, and with Milton burning the Governor's trapped pit walkers. No hint was given as to what happened in the following week's episode ("The Sorrowful Life"), as everything was pushed off to the series finale. The opening scene in "Welcome To The Tombs" provided the delayed answer to how the Govenor had decided to deal with Milton and Andrea.

The Govenor had given one solution to two problems.. As the Govenor had clearly gone into insane cartoon villain mode, he made the tremendously stupid moves, of not finishing off Andrea himself, being too unobservant of Milton deliberately dropping a potential cutting tool next to Andrea, and worst of all, decided to be absent for Milton finishing Andrea off.


Because the Govenor had much better things to do. Such as not devising any real battle strategies for his ill-trained civilian army before attacking the prison. Unlike the first attack on the prison, Rick's group was adequately prepared this time. It was hardly a battle, as the Govenor's group blew their cover, as they charged in and cleared the prison of the walkers. The Govenor's near single file formation proved to be completely ineffective in a dark hallway, so they mad q quick retreat.

So what does the bitter sore loser do, when faced with defeat, and civilian troops that dare question his orders? He takes out an Aug and shoots them dead, but in his carelessness, he missed one of them. That one survivor, would end up to live to tell the horror story of the insane Govenor to the townsfolk, making the Govenor's worst night mare come true -- losing even more of his followers.

The final epic death of the season was neither heroic, nor destructive against a common enemy. Andrea's end came after much regret. She felt like she had a chance at killing the Govenor, but she backed out of it, thinking that she could resolve everything the peaceful way. In the end, her mistakes caught up to her. The Governor had actually succeeded, in getting Milton to turn on her, but Andrea could not break free in time. Andrea did, however, get a chance to say good-bye, before offing herself.

This season saw Rick struggle with getting his humanity back, which at the end of this episode, saw Rick become an unambiguous good guy. In these past sixteen episodes, Rick dealt with his internal struggles, hallucinations, watching his son grow colder, seeing what Morgan had become, and ultimately having to compose himself to make some difficult decisions for the good of everybody.

On The Talking Dead, there was a short clip that featured Andrew Lincoln commenting on how far gone Carl had become, as well as the relationship between Carl and Rick. Andrew went on to say that Rick bringing in the Woodbury citizens, was a responsibility on Rick's part as both a father and a sheriff, to help restore order and civilization for his son.

The season finished on what could be considered a best case scenario for the survivors. For Rick to open up to accepting people into the prison, as opposed to turning them away, he is giving everybody a chance for normalcy, as opposed to be constantly at war. But war will come again, as the Govenor survived, and he is the sort of man who is vindictive, and will come back to haunt the prison.

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