Supernatural: Family Feud

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Hey, teachers! Leave them kids alone.

After a teacher is found dead with his tongue ripped out and his organs crushed, the Winchesters have their latest case in Des Moines, Iowa. They ask Mary if she's up for taking a case with them but she's been busy killing demons with Mr. Ketch of the British Men of Letters. She lies to the boys and says that she can't make it so Sam and Dean are on their own on this one. Elsewhere, it's revealed that Crowley has tricked us all yet again and did not send Lucifer back into the cage like we originally thought but has instead trapped him inside his old vessel (restored and better than ever), chained to a chair and with a smile on his face all the while. Still scorned from everything that Lucifer put him through, he intends to make the prince of darkness suffer for everything he did to him. After the Winchesters arrive is Des Moines, the two of them immediately get to work checking out the museum where the victim was found. Originally Dean thought it may have been a witch but after learning that some new artifacts from a boat called the Star just arrived, he and Sam now think it's a ghost. After a bit more digging, Dean pieces it together that the Star was the property of Gavin MacLeod – Crowley's son. The boys can't get help from Crowley to track down Gavin but that doesn't mean that they can't twist Rowena's arm to help find her grandson. With Gavin's help, he tells them that the ghost must be his lost love Fiona, as the pendant that he gave her was part of the artifacts found. There's just one problem – the pendant is missing. If Sam and Dean have any hope of stopping Fiona from killing again, they had better do it soon.

For Supernatural, Family Feud was good move in the right direction. Quite literally tying the title of the episode to its themes, Family Feud focused on families and the trust. Mary Winchester has been lying to her sons about her dealings with the British Men of Letters, Kelly Kline has a child that she wants to protect but now has now turned to Dagon for protection and Crowley and Rowena...are mostly the same ever, so pretty messed up. My point being is that Family Feud did a fantastic job of illustrating the different dynamics of each one within the narrative of a ghost brutally killing teachers in a very short amount of time. Rather than conflict with one another, each separate story complimented the other's pacing and ultimately tied back to Gavin and Fiona. It was ultimately Gavin's choice to sacrifice himself to save everyone but it was through Rowena's spite for Crowley and the memory of losing her son Oscar that motivated her to help the Winchesters.

Though it was a solid episode, Family Feud did have one misstep in the ghost of Fiona. From what she described, the attack on Fiona during her time on the ship was nothing short of horrendous but her motivations to take revenge on all teachers left something to be desired. For starters, we didn't fully understand the relationship that Fiona or Gavin shared with Mistress Alloway and how her words carried such an impact on Fiona before her death. Alloway's words were terrible but how was this more motivating than taking her revenge on men that committed such crimes in the first place? Had Fiona's spirit been attacking at random, it would have made more sense that she was lashing out in anger at everyone for doing nothing to help her rather than only killing teachers. Also, if the teachers that were killed had said something to their students that was remotely close any punishment being deserved, it would have tied things together a bit more.

All in all, Family Feud was a good episode that had the return of Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer, a fantastic moment between Crowley and Rowena and a story that brought it together. We'll see how Mary's new alliance with the British Men of Letters turns of when she and Mr. Ketch attack a vampire nest in next week's, The Raid.

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