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The second half of the pilot opens with Tabitha complaining to Harry and Debbie over breakfast that her computer froze, and Debbie offering to get it repaired. The kids come in, and Annie looks sad. Turns out she and Jason broke up.

Out of nowhere, Harry asks Debbie to come talk to him inside the house. Apparently, there was no better way to let the viewers know that, yes, he HAS told her about his illegitimate child. He tells her that Tracy (Mrs. Clark) called and he still doesn't know what to do. The conversation is cut short when both Harry's and Debbie's cell phones ring. They vow to talk about it that night.

Harry's phone call was someone letting him know that the lacrosse team at Palisades High (the token rival school) totally trashed the front hall of West Beverly. As the team surveys the damage (piles of garbage on the floor, toilet paper draped over everything, spray paint on the trophy cases), Harry tells them that there will be no retaliation, and the guys grudgingly agree. You can totally tell they're already planning revenge, though.

Later that day, Ethan approaches Naomi and hands her a red rose. Things between these two seem a bit tense, but it looks like they're still together despite the fun Ethan had in the parking lot last week.

Ethan approaches Annie to apologize for the way he treated her last week. Annie tells him about Jason, and he offers to kick his ass, then shoots her an absolutely adorable smile. Annie walks away, and approaches a classroom where someone is singing. Turns out "someone" is Ty Collins, the richest boy in school. Annie introduces herself and stammers a lot. Ty just grins at her.

In Mr. Matthews' English class, Adriana has her headphones on and is singing. Loudly. The whole class is snickering. I probably would be, too. Matthews gets Adriana's attention just as the bell rings, and as the rest of the students leave, he asks her if everything is okay. She tells him that she hasn't been sleeping well because she has a big movie audition coming up and she needs the money. Mr. Matthews accuses her of being spoiled, but he shuts up when she tells him she has to pay the mortgage because her mother can't.

In the cafeteria, Mr. Matthews hits on Kelly, the lacrosse team plans their retaliation but doesn't include Dixon, and Silver outlines her plan for a new video blog to Annie. Ty walks by and grins at Annie again, and Silver tells her to go for it. As Silver walks away, Ty approaches Annie and asks her to have dinner with him that night.

Out in the hallway, Naomi learns from a Scary Goth Girl that Silver has posted a video about Ethan's infidelity on her blog. Naomi storms off, confronts Ethan, and gives him a good, hard slap. Later, at the Peach Pit, she discusses the situation with her friends and hints that she has plans to do more to hurt Ethan than just slap him.

Back at the Wilson household, Dixon and Navid are doing what all teenage boys do after school: playing video games and planning how to get even with Palisades. Eventually they turn to the internet for prank ideas, but inspiration comes from another source: Tabitha. She tells them that when Harry was in high school, he and his friends let a bunch of pigs loose at Palisades High.

Debbie, on location at a photo shoot, gets a call from Annie, who begs for permission to go out with Ty that night. (While she's talking to her mother, she is already in the passenger seat of Ty's car, and he can obviously hear everything she's saying. This raises all sorts of questions for me). Debbie eventually caves and tells Annie she can stay out until ten, as long as she picks up Tabitha's computer and brings it home first. Annie agrees.

Ty and Annie end up at a private airport. Annie, wondering what's going on, asks Ty where the restaurant is, and he tells her it's in San Francisco. Annie phones Silver for advice, and Silver encourages her to go and have a good time, so she does. This girl sure is easy to persuade, isn't she? On the plane, Annie is freaking out about all the excitement. Ty thinks it's cute.

Back in Beverly Hills, Silver and Naomi bicker to remind us that they hate each other, and Mr. Matthews asks Kelly out. Kelly informs him that she has a son, and Matthews says something about baggage. Kelly is rightfully offended by his comment, and gets in her car to leave, despite Matthews' admirable effort to pull his foot out of his mouth.

Navid and Dixon are on a movie set with a bunch of pigs and scantily clad women. Navid reveals that his father is the biggest producer of x-rated movies in the world. But these two are just there to borrow the pigs. Uh huh.

There's a boring montage of San Francisco and a quick conversation between Annie and Ty, and then it's back to the Peach Pit, where Kelly is sitting by herself. Nat, his back to the door, is pouring her a fresh cup of coffee when someone walks in. It's Brenda! She's back in town for at least a month, we discover. She gives Kelly a message from Brandon, and Kelly mentions that she actually spoke to him on the phone recently. Could he be the mystery caller from the last episode? Who knows?

Outside, Dixon and Navid are about to reveal their amazing prank idea to the lacrosse team. They have 3 pigs, but the jerseys they put on them say "1", "2" and "4", so Palisades will be searching for the missing number all day. Hilarious.

While Ethan is putting jerseys on pigs, Naomi is inside the Peach Pit, making out with George. Ouch.

On the plane back from San Francisco, Annie's phone buzzes, and she sees that she has eight missed messages. When Annie gets home, she finds out that Tabitha crashed her Mercedes while driving to pick up her computer, because Annie forgot to do it. Tabitha is fine, though, and lying on her bed chatting with one of her friends. That friend just so happens to be Ethan's grandmother. Oh hey! Ethan is visiting, too! He and Annie head out to the pool to chat. Annie tells Ethan that she likes Ty; they'll be friends at the very least. Ethan tells Annie that things with Naomi aren't good. Flirting ensues until Ethan has to go home. Before he leaves, though, he drops a very obvious hint that he came over specifically to see Annie.

The next day, the lacrosse team suffers the aftershock of their retaliation against Palisades: Harry tells them that if someone doesn't come clean, then their season as a team is in danger of being cancelled. He then questions Dixon in his office, and after an argument that pits character-building (Harry) against team loyalty (Dixon), Dixon decides to take full responsibility for the prank.

Out in the hallway, Naomi asks Adriana if she's ready for her audition. Adriana claims she is, but it is very obvious she's lying. Later, at the audition, she appears to be having a panic attack and gets up and walks out right before her name is called. When Mr. Matthews asks her how it went that afternoon, she lies and tells him it's down to her and one other girl. I wish I knew what was going on with that.

At lunch, Silver and Annie are gossiping about Annie's hot date with Ty when Annie notices that Silver has the same lower back tattoo as Naomi. She asks about it, and Silver explains why she and Naomi hate each other now: in the eighth grade, Silver's dad had an affair with her mom's best friend. Naomi was the only other person who knew, and she told the whole school.

My question is this: who the hell gets a tattoo in the eighth grade?

Ethan and Navid find out that Dixon was kicked off the team after confessing to the prank, and they feel bad, so they come clean too. At home, Harry talks to Dixon and tells him he's back on the team. Also that he's grounded.

Annie comes home from school to find out that her mother found a San Francisco matchbook in her pocket. Oops. Looks like Annie's grounded too.

In bed, Harry and Debbie discuss whether the move to Beverly Hills was a good idea. Harry is more than willing to go back to Kansas, but Debbie wants to give it more time. Harry still has no idea what he's going to do about the son he has with Tracy.

Ethan and Naomi meet at the Peach Pit to discuss Ethan's hurt feelings over Naomi kissing George. Naomi doesn't think it's that big a deal because a) Ethan cheated first and b) they always work it out. Ethan disagrees and breaks up with her.

Mr. Matthews visits Kelly at home carrying flowers for her and a Blackhawks cap for Sammy (her son). Brenda offers to baby-sit so Kelly and Matthews can go out. They accept.

Outside the Wilson house, Annie and Ty start kissing just as Ethan walks up the driveway. He looks absolutely crushed.

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swishy5 says...

My two favourite moments of this show were the pentapus talk and then him totally walking up with it as predicted and the only two rules Navid's dad has - no porn before he is 21 and they always eat supper together. Love it.

Sep 5, 2008 7:22pm

Ariana says...

Yes! My roommate and I thought it was so ridiculous that Annie was talking about Ty right in front of him. No one does that! Annie is the most weirdly written character of all time. And Shenae Grimes's perma-grin doesn't really do anything to give her any depth. Ugh. It's a shame, because there are several characters and storylines that seem like they might have some actual content.

The thing with Adriana is that she is on drugs. A lot of them, and very bad ones, judging by the hallucinations. I'm so annoyed at her character's name. Everyone calls me Adriana as it is; it's just going to perpetuate the problem. I hope they kill her off or send her to rehab by midway through the season, heh.

Ethan didn't break up with her; he broke up with them. Weren't you listening?

Sep 5, 2008 11:55pm

mandi says...

Oh, I was listening. And I laughed a LOT. But by the time I got to that point in my recap, all my wit was used up and I just wanted to be in bed already. I should have written that part first.

I wondered why Sarah was saying everyone calls her Adriana.

Sep 6, 2008 2:41pm

sarahm says...

I tried to change my user name to TheREALSarahMiller, but then got lazy.

Good recap. I liked the pentapus part too, but I think that Ethan, despite his lame-o character name is way too cool for Annie.

Sep 6, 2008 3:38pm

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