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Can I just take a moment to say how thrilled I am with the soundtrack to this show so far? Last week it featured Coldplay, the Offspring, Metro Station and Jason Mraz. And tonight, right off the bat, we're treated to Katy Perry's new single, "Hot n Cold" (which I LOVE, for the record).

This week, Debbie and Harry want to reinstate the "family nights" which were an integral part of their lives back in Kansas. So they tell Annie and Dixon to clear their schedules for Friday night, because they're all going bowling! The kids already have plans, but they both invite their friends to "run into them" at the bowling alley. Once everyone is in the same place, the scene is set for some action. And some drama, too. So, without further ado, the three strike-outs of tonight's episode:

Strike 1: Ethan with Annie
When we saw her last, Annie was swapping spit with Ty. This week, the two have plans to go see a concert together after the obligatory family bowling night. This is too bad for Ethan, who, as we learned after he broke up with Naomi in the last episode, has it bad for Annie. His crush is solidly confirmed tonight, when he invites her to "get some air" and then proceeds to flirt shamelessly. Also when he blatantly checks out her ass while she's bowling.

It seems to me that Annie may be missing a couple of brain cells, because she appears to have NO IDEA that Ethan has the hots for her. She flirts with him, yes, but when all is said and done, she walks away hand-in-hand with Ty without so much as a look back at Ethan's love struck face. Silly girl.

It's also becoming increasingly evident that Ethan is the better choice. Ty is beginning to seem to me like a stuck-up jerk ("Oh, yeah, I was at Chris Brown's birthday, but I'm really getting sick of that scene." Honestly, man. No one is buying that crap.) And later on, while Annie watches Ethan console his distressed ex-girlfriend (more on that later), Ty bails because he doesn't want to miss the concert.

Strike 2: Jackie Taylor with both her daughters
We first see Silver this week walking into a women's shelter right before the opening credits. Later, we learn that she's been sleeping there a lot recently because her mom has hit the bottle again – hard. (Remember, her mother is also Kelly's mom, who had a drinking/drug problem in the original series). Silver tries to forget her problems for awhile by going bowling with the Wilsons, but when Dixon finds her sleeping in her car later that night, she spills her problems to him. Dixon then tells Harry and Debbie, who graciously allow Silver to spend the night inside. The next day, Kelly comes over to talk to Harry, and then visits her alcoholic mother to call her on her bad parenting. The drama ends with Jackie yelling at both of her daughters to get out and Kelly taking Silver to live with her and Sammy.

Strike 3: Naomi with her parents
Naomi was supposed to go to Vegas for a golf tournament with her dad this week. Unfortunately, his work interferes with their plans, so he buys Naomi a new car as a peace offering. Naomi, thinking her father is working late, attempts to bring him some supper at the office that night and catches him making out with some woman who is most definitely NOT Mrs. Clark. Naomi freaks, and Ethan is fetched to comfort her and get her home.

The next morning, Naomi tells her mother what she saw, but Mrs. Clark already knows. The other woman is Gail, and Mr. Clark has been having an affair with her for two years, but Tracy seems to have accepted it, claiming she doesn't want to "break up the family." Naomi looks rightfully outraged by this. Ten bucks says that marriage doesn't last and Mrs. Clark tries to break up Harry and Debbie down the road. No, actually, twenty bucks.

In other news...

  • We're still playing the pronoun game with Sammy's dad. It's pretty obviously narrowed down to Dylan and Brandon, but my bet is that the writers are waiting for one of the actors to sign on for a cameo before they make that decision.
  • Ryan and Kelly are beginning to establish a relationship: they went on one date, made out in Ryan's car, and he wants to meet her kid. The whole thing is awkwardly amusing.
  • The characters are being given more depth as the series continues: In addition to Silver and Naomi's familial problems, we learn that Ethan comes from a broken home (his parents divorced last year). Also, Dixon alludes to the terrible foster homes he endured before the Wilsons adopted him.

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swishy5 says...

I've heard that Priestly will not appear on the show but that Luke Perry would consider it. If they go the cameo route that pretty much narrows it down.

Sep 10, 2008 8:58am

Ariana says...

Priestley shouldn't be such a snob. What else is he up to these days anyway? If Shannen Doherty can ditch her Crazy Pants for a few episodes, surely he can swing by the ol' zip code for some baby-daddying.

I hate Ty. He is Not Hot. He looks like a Ken doll, and he is an ass.

You know what I love, though? The Dixon/Silver thing. She seemed almost human in this episode. I still say someone should tie her down and forcefeed her some starchy vegetables and high-fat dairy, though. For her own good. She looks like she's about to vanish from the planet. I mean, there is Keira Knightley "no really I just have an active metabolism and at least my cheeks still have a little glow to them" skinny, and then there's... this.

Sep 10, 2008 3:13pm

sarahm says...

Um, excuse me, I believe you are forgetting Jason Priestley recently starred in that epic CBC mini-series Everest. Duh!

Sep 11, 2008 3:01am

sarahm says...

Nice recap Mandi, I liked the three strikes, it actually made me giggle.

Sep 11, 2008 3:01am

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