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Tonight's trouble begins when the drama teacher has to leave due to a family emergency and Tabitha randomly offers to step in as director of the musical. Throughout the rest of episode, Tabitha shows off her "directing savvy" as she yells at Annie for her terrible singing. And her dancing, which is still just as bad as it was two weeks ago.

Sidenote: Tabitha, though she is kind of a bag to Annie throughout the episode, also gets to deliver what I think may be in the running for the best line of the season when she tells the girls to "sing like their privates are on fire."

Anyway, after Tabitha embarrasses Annie during the first rehearsal, Annie begs Harry to find a new director. Enter Brenda Walsh. Harry initially hires her as Tabitha's assistant, but eventually Tabitha steps down and Brenda steps up as the director.

At Naomi's house, nothing has changed since last week. Her dad is still having an affair; her mom still knows about it and isn't bothered by it; and she is still appalled at both of them. I would be too, probably. It's pretty messed up. Naomi decides to take matters into her own hands and enlists Ethan to accompany her to confront Gail, her dad's girlfriend. After Naomi tears a strip off the home wrecker, she notices a package addressed to her family's beach house, puts two and two together, and realizes her dad is moving his girlfriend in. Naomi runs home to tell her mom, who is devastated by the news. Color me confused – this woman is fine with another chick SLEEPING with her husband, but having her live in the beach house is taking it too far?

In other love triangle news this week, Annie is still having trouble deciding between Ethan and Ty. Last we saw, Ty abandoned Annie at the bowling alley while she was busy being a nice person. When Ethan asks her out for Thursday night, she no longer has a cute rich boy to prevent her from saying yes. So she says yes. Of course, as she's doing her celebratory dance (the same one she did when Ty asked her out), Ty walks up and apologizes for ditching her. Then he asks what she's doing on Thursday night, and she has to blow him off. She looks rueful about it. I don't know why. I'd still take Ethan any day.

On Thursday, Annie sits at the Peach Pit waiting for Ethan, but he never shows up. (In his defense, it's because Naomi suckered him into going with her to yell at Gail).

The next day at school, Annie changes her mind – again – and decides to date Ty. The rundown: She asks him to see a concert with her and he rejects her in an excessively jerky fashion. She approaches him again later bearing Snickerdoodles. He tries to turn them down, but she grabs him and kisses him. He calls her "freaking adorable" and all is well again.

Elsewhere on campus, Naomi tells Ethan that she wants to try again, one day at a time. He agrees, and they also make out.

Dixon's drama this week involves taking out some guy's sideview mirror with Harry's car while trying to fit it into a too-small parking spot at school. Rather than going through insurance and having his parents find out about the accident, Dixon promises the dude he's good for the money. After school, he drops off an application at the Peach Pit. Hello, flashback! (Nat even references Brandon while he's interviewing Dixon: "I hired a kid from West Beverly once. He was a good egg.") Dixon gets the job (of course). Eventually, Harry finds out why his son needs money, and offers to pay for the damages as long as Dixon promises to pay him back. Dixon gives the other kid the money the next day, and in return gets an offer of a courtside ticket for the upcoming Lakers game. He is hilariously enthused at this prospect.

All is not well in Dixon's world, though. School, work and lacrosse begin to take a toll on him, and despite staying up all night studying for a biology test, he completely flakes and forgets to study for his English quiz.

Other things that happened this week:

1. Dixon and Silver begin to heat up. They study together, ride to school together, and have coffee together. Near the end of the episode, she flat out asks him when he's going to ask her out. He giggles. I take that as "soon".

2. Naomi acknowledges that Silver has good reason to blog about Mr. Clark's affair, but begs her not to. Ultimately, Silver agrees, and it looks like these two are on a fragile road to renewing their friendship.

3. Naomi visits Ethan at his house and we're introduced to Ethan's brother, who is autistic.

4. We FINALLY find out who Sammy's father is. After Ryan annoys Kelly with his curiosity about it, and both Brenda and Kelly make a multitude of references using only "him" and "he," we join the girls in the parking lot, where they argue and Brenda says that Kelly isn't ready for a relationship with Ryan because she's still in love with Dylan.

That's Luke Perry, for those of you who didn't watch the original. Here's hoping he shaves his mustache before making his cameo.

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Ariana says...

Priestley, you big snob.

I really hate Ty.

Sep 17, 2008 2:05pm

Sarahm says...

I thought Ethan was kind of a doucebag in this episode too. Grow a pair, buddy.

Sep 19, 2008 3:57pm

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