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For some reason, I watched the show with subtitles on tonight. It made me realize I've been spelling Adrianna's name incorrectly for the past six weeks. There are two Ns, not one. My bad.

This week, it started to feel (to me, anyway) like the show is gaining its own identity, rather than riding the coattails of the original series. This is probably due in large part to the absence of both Brenda and Kelly.

Early on, we learn that Silver is throwing herself a "half-birthday party" this weekend. The party will consist of watching Psycho in the cemetery, and everyone is invited. When Dixon admits to not really liking horror movies, Silver is absolutely shocked and forces him to come over for a movie marathon after school. Both Dixon and I assume that this was code for "Now that my sister's out of the way and we have the place to ourselves, let's get physical." Aaaand both Dixon and I are wrong. They're actually going to watch movies.

Well, Silver is, at least. Dixon falls asleep, wakes up way past curfew, and has to rush home to his worried parents. The next day, he gets chewed out by Silver for being bored by something she's interested in, and makes it up to her by downloading a couple of Ramones songs. As if girls are that easily appeased, ever. Nonetheless, Dixon is forgiven for not being Silver's clone and they kiss and make up.

There's a fresh face at West Beverly this week. The new girl's name is Kimberly, she's from Vegas, and she's even bitchier than Naomi. When Annie politely introduces herself, Kim totally shuts her down. Then she hits on Mr. Matthews. Eventually, Matthews gets fed up with her banter and gives her detention. ...So he can spend more time dealing with her? Weird.

Friday night, Ryan brings a really stupid actress as his date to Silver's party. Like, really stupid. Ryan finally rids himself of her, but not before hearing her "OH EM GEE, like, so hilarious" story about starring in a herpes commercial, and certainly not before Kimberly gets a chance to talk to her. Kim notices how dumb the actress is and points it out to Matthews, who interprets the criticism as a school-girl crush and confronts the issue head on. Kim says crushing on a teacher is "gross" and tells Ryan to get over himself.

In Health class, Annie and Ethan are paired up for the parenting project that is featured in every single teen drama ever made: take care of this baby/egg/sack of flour for one week so you understand the importance of abstinence/birth control/supportive parents. The only purpose of this storyline is to get Annie and Ethan together at Silver's party, where they come thisclose to kissing, until a jumpy moment in the movie forces them apart. Maybe next week, folks.

The big drama in the Hills lately is Adrianna and her drug abuse. Remember that last week Annie scored a movie audition for both herself and Adrianna. Well, they go to the audition, and Adrianna gets the part. She celebrates by snorting a whole bunch of cocaine while her mother and Naomi wait for her at home. At school the next morning, Naomi confronts her about it, and Adrianna gets defensive and lies until Naomi finds a vial of coke in Adrianna's purse. At that exact moment, the school is overtaken by cops and police dogs, who have been called in by Harry for a drug search. Adrianna completely flips out, worried that she'll lose her movie if she's caught with drugs, so Naomi grabs the vial and bolts. One of the cops sees her escape and finds her in the bathroom, flushing the drugs down the toilet.

Naomi is arrested, and after her dad bails her out, she gets a severe talking-to from both of her parents, during which she learns that this is one of those situations you can't necessarily pay your way out of. Oops. Naomi tracks down Adrianna, and tells her she needs to a) get to rehab and b) fess up. Adrianna agrees to both. She promises to meet Charles and Naomi at Charles' attorney's office in an hour, and heads off to explain things to her mother.

'Course, when Adrianna gets home, her mother is waiting with a cake to celebrate the fact that Adrianna got the movie. Turns out they were so broke they were on the verge of losing their house, but this movie is going to solve ALL their problems. Or at least all the ones mom knows about...

We cut to Naomi, Charles and the lawyer waiting for Adrianna to show up twice. Each time, Naomi gets more frantic, telling her father that Adrianna will be here any minute, as the lawyer outlines all the problems her arrest is going to cause.

The final scene: Adrianna is lying on the ground, surrounded by EMTs. Some guy in the corner is yelling that he doesn't know what happened, they were just partying. Adrianna's cell phone is ringing in her hand, and when the voicemail picks up, we hear Naomi start yelling, asking how Adrianna could do this to her. Her last words are "You're dead to me!"

This may be truer than she knows. We'll find out next week.

Minor subplot: Tracy has hired a P.I. to track down Charles' and her illegitimate son. Stay tuned; this may become more exciting in future episodes.

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metal2000 says...

When I first heard about the casting of Jessica Lucas as "transfer student Kim", I didn't think I'd buy her as a high school student since the last TV gig she had was playing a crime scene investigator on CSI. Well that was explained away near the end of the episode, and thank goodness for that twist! Suspension of disbelief is hard enough with the REST of the show. Was it just me, or were the writers winking at the audience by saying Kim was from Las Vegas and that the actress Ryan brought to the party played a corpse on CSI?

Anyway, now I will shamelessly plug the interview ShowbizMonkeys.com did with Ms. Lucas back in January:


Oct 8, 2008 5:22am

Ariana says...

MANDI! I can't believe you forgot to say that J.Luc is totally an undercover cop, and also I would like to point out that I called this at least half an hour before it was revealed. She's too old to play a legitimate high school student, even for this show. (Like Paul says.) I totally sensed a Never-Been-Kissed situation with her and Matthews. I'm brilliant.

I was going to mention the Adrianna spelling thing, but it inspires such rage in me that I was avoiding the topic... only now you've brought it up, so way to go. I mean, SERIOUSLY, if they are going to spell her name with two n's, then they ought to be pronouncing it Adri-anna, instead of Adri-ahna. I blame this show for the entire world mispronouncing my name! (Even though they have been doing that for over two decades and the show's been around for like a month... not the point.) IT MAKES ME SO MAD.

ALSO, speaking of Adrianna, you left out the part about how her eyes were wide open in a dead stare and they were trying to jumpstart her heart with a shot. She seemed pretty dead to me. Although of course in TV-land dead is never really dead. Especially not if you are on a J.J. Abrams show. Which I realize we are not here.


But one last thing! Just as Ethan went in for the kiss, I was triumphantly cheering, and then the jumpy moment happened and my cheer turned into a howl of disbelief and I'm pretty sure my roommate wanted to kill me. But I was really excited! And I don't know why! I don't even like Annie! Why do I want her to be happy? Why am I shipping her with ANYONE? Least of all My Imaginary Boyfriend Dustin Milligan?

I don't know. I'll stop now. This comment is longer than the whole recap.

Oct 8, 2008 12:14pm

Sarahm says...

Um, wow Ariana. Or...Oh-Em-Gee, I guess I should say.

What is with the cool guys on this show getting stuck with lame girls? I wanted Ethan and Annie to kiss to just to get it over with already.

Oct 8, 2008 1:32pm

mandi says...

ARGH. I also cannot believe I left that out. I wasn't really catching what was going on with that, because my sister was talking, and I totally meant to look it up. BOOO me.

I really don't believe Adrianna is really dead.

Oct 8, 2008 1:51pm

Sarahm says...

Me either.

Oct 8, 2008 6:58pm

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