90210: Life's a Drag

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Well. Welcome back, show. It sure has been awhile.

This week, 90210 returns from a nearly two month long hiatus to teach us all a valuable life lesson: high school relationships are complicated. Who knew? We learn this little lesson through the trials and tribulations of three couples: Naomi and her crush from the bar at the hotel, Liam; Ethan and Annie; and Dixon and Silver.

Naomi & Liam
The episode opens with Naomi and Liam talking in the hallway at school. She apologizes for accidentally alerting his mother to the fact that he wasn't attending school, and barely has time to ask him if they can start over before he slams her against the locker and starts making out with her. Just as it's getting hot and heavy, a phone starts ringing. Liam pulls a cell phone out of one pocket, and then another, but when he reaches into the third, he pulls out a...banana. And then Naomi wakes up to realize that the ringing phone is actually her wake up call. Later that day , their math teacher asks if anyone wants to help Liam catch up on what he missed, and Naomi volunteers, ignoring Liam's glare. After school, she is discussing the situation with Adrianna when they suddenly see Liam drive out of the parking lot. He must have forgotten about their tutoring session.

The next day, though, there's no escape for Liam. He approaches his car after school to find Naomi posing on the hood. After an apology and a bit of bantering, she invites herself to accompany him to wherever he's going, and he allows it, even though he insists that "it's not really her scene." They talk as they drive, and Liam explains to Naomi that he actually likes learning. He just doesn't want to do it at school. He wants to learn from the world, man.

They finally arrive at their destination, which is a sketchy neighborhood with no one else around and sirens wailing in the background. Liam tells Naomi that he's going to drag race, so her adventure has to end here. He offers to call her a cab, but she argues. She wants to ride shotgun while he races. Again, he allows it. A short while later, the two of them are racing another car "to the pier and back". Liam wins, and he and Naomi join all of the spectators in a drunken celebration. As Naomi grabs a beer, a rather unsavory fellow approaches her and offers to open it for her. She accepts, and he opens it with his teeth. He seems to expect something in return, and keeps grabbing at Naomi until Liam comes to her rescue by punching him in the face and smashing his car window. Liam drives Naomi back to school, and as she moves to get out of the car, he grabs her and kisses her, opening the door for her in the process. She gets out, and he drives away.

Annie & Ethan
Though he won't admit it, Ethan is still upset with Annie for having passed Rhonda's story off as her own in acting class. She keeps apologizing, and finally Ethan tells her that he feels like he doesn't know her anymore. That afternoon, Harry and Debbie walk into the kitchen to find that Annie is home early. They ask her why she isn't at rehearsal, and she tells them she quit the play because she needs to focus on her relationship right now.

Meanwhile, Ethan apologizes to Rhonda for avoiding her. He explains that he wanted to sort everything out in his head, and that he has decided that he wants to work things out with Annie. He still wants to be friends with Rhonda, but she tells him that's not an option.

But it looks like Ethan spoke too soon, because things are about to go sour with Annie. As she discusses the situation with a very pregnant Adrianna, she alludes to the situation with Ethan, and Adrianna accidentally lets it slip that Ethan and Rhonda kissed at the Valentine's Day dance. Annie, of course, is furious. She confronts Rhonda, who is completely calm and logical and tells Annie that she needs to discuss this situation with her boyfriend. So Annie calls Ethan and leaves an angry message on his voicemail, and then heads to the park with a random guy from the play. Ethan finds them later, lying on a picnic table watching the stars. He and Annie fight, and eventually, Ethan says that he thinks they've grown apart, and that he did feel something with Rhonda. He breaks up with Annie, telling her that he needs to figure out who he is, alone.

Dixon & Silver
Remember the expression on Dixon's face when Silver told him she got his name tattooed on her hip? Well, that reaction seems to have been quite brief, because when we first see these two, they're frantically getting dressed after a little romp in the media room. Silver also propositions Dixon at the Peach Pit (while he's working) and early one morning in his bedroom.

In Lit class, Mr. Matthews is talking about poetry. As the bell rings, he reminds everyone that presentations start the next day. Silver stays behind as the rest of the class leaves and raves to Mr. Matthews about how excited she is to do the assignment because she finally, finally understands love poems. Ryan looks amused, and tells her that it sounds as though she's been inspired. And that she should lay off the coffee.

Matthews' assignment was for his students to write a love poem and read it aloud to the class, keeping the presentation under ten minutes. Silver has decided to present her poem in the form of a movie, and is having trouble keeping it under an hour, so she decides to rent a theatre and have an actual film screening.

The night of the screening, Dixon and Silver stand at the entrance to the theatre, greeting people as they arrive. Ryan shows up, and Silver asks him to introduce her film. He agrees. The video starts out fine, but after a couple of minutes, it changes to footage of Silver and Dixon having sex. Everyone in the theatre is shocked, but no one is more horrified than Dixon, who storms out. Silver chases him as Mr. Matthews shouts for someone to stop the video.

Silver finds Dixon outside. She promises to destroy the movie and tells him that she's in love with him. He asks her if she's out of her mind and walks away. When he gets home, he finds his parents in the kitchen. They barely have time to ask him what's wrong before all three of them smell something burning. They rush outside to find Silver's film burning in the yard.

Ryan leaves a message on Kelly's voicemail to tell her about Silver's film, without going into details. He opens the door to his apartment and finds one of the windows is broken and Silver sitting inside. She starts screaming at him, accusing him of trying to destroy her life and her relationship. He tries to talk some sense into her, but Silver responds by whipping a bottle of wine across the room, barely missing Ryan's head.

Tune in next week for more insanity!

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swishy5 says...

Two months off and that is the best they can come up with. Really?

Apr 3, 2009 2:53pm

sarahm says...

Oh my gosh. This show just might be getting crazy enough for me to start watching again, haha.

Apr 3, 2009 4:33pm

metal2000 says...

This show has gone from bad, to daytime soap opera bad! Yikes!

Apr 3, 2009 6:07pm

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