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We pick up where we left off last week: Naomi is standing outside a classroom, watching Ethan and Annie make out. She does not look pleased, but rather than confronting her ex-boyfriend and new friend right away, our resident mean girl decides to go full-on Regina George and get revenge instead. She invites Annie to go shopping after school, feigning an emotional breakdown over all of the recent drama in her life. But while Annie is innocently trying on dresses for her Sweet Sixteen, Naomi is furtively copying Jason*'s number from Annie's phone.

*Reminder to anyone who doesn't know who Jason is: He's the guy Annie was dating in Kansas; the one she broke up with in the second episode.

Annie gets home from school the day before her birthday and is shocked to see Jason swimming in her backyard. Turns out Naomi paid for him to visit, because, according to her, no girl should be without a fella on her sixteenth birthday. What a sweet, friendly gesture. Even sweeter is that she has invited all of Annie's friends out for supper that night so they can meet Jason before the party. That group includes Ethan, of course. And if you think that Naomi is only doing this to make Annie and Ethan ridiculously uncomfortable, you're right! And it works. Halfway through supper, both Ethan and Annie make dumb excuses to leave the table and end up getting in a fight because Ethan doesn't think Annie is over Jason.

Neither does Jason, it seems. Or so I gather from the way he tries to kiss her later that night while they're brushing their teeth together. His attempt is interrupted by Dixon walking in, though. The next morning, Annie and Jason talk over breakfast. Annie tells him that she thinks they should just be friends, but that she still wants him to stick around for her party. He agrees, and all seems well.

Random question: Does Jason remind anyone else of Todd Wilkins?

At school that day, Naomi tries to talk to Annie, but as soon as Annie sees Ethan, she takes off with no warning. This cannot be helping Naomi's ever-growing hostility towards her, now can it? Ethan is still mad that Jason seems to be interfering, so Annie makes the ever-so-brilliant decision to tell him that Jason tried to kiss her. Needless to say, Ethan is not happy to hear this. He gets angry and storms away, and we can see Naomi gloating in the background.

Later that night, with the party in full swing, Silver seeks out Annie and asks her where Ethan is. Annie admits that they had a fight and Ethan may not be coming, and goes outside to get some air. She's sitting on the front steps when Ethan approaches her and apologizes. Annie accepts his apology and tells him that her only birthday wish is to be with him without all the secrets. I wish someone had warned her that if you say your wish out loud, it won't come true...

As Annie and Ethan make out on the front steps, Naomi "just happens" to be looking out the window, and sees them. Again. She calls Jason over to show him, and then storms away. Jason follows her, a devious look on his face. A short while later, Ethan and Annie are searching for Naomi to tell her the truth about their relationship, and they walk in on her making out with Jason. Gee, who saw that one coming?

Naturally, all hell breaks lose. There's a minor confrontation that ends with Annie running out of the room and Jason following her. Left alone with Naomi, Ethan calls her a "pathetic bitch." Outside, Jason and Annie talk. Annie cries a lot, and Jason takes off for the airport. Annie re-enters her party as Harry is lighting the candles on her birthday cake. In front of everyone, she tells Naomi to some outside with her, NOW. The two girls argue a lot, and Naomi uses the word "duplicitous." Oh my. That West Beverly education really is paying for itself, isn't it?

The catfight is cut short when a car pulls up in front of the house and Josh Henderson gets out. Both Annie and Naomi demand to know who he is, and he tells them that he is Sean, the son of Tracy Clark and Harry Wilson. Well then!


Ryan has been dealing with the fallout of the entire school learning about his "immoral" relationship with Kim. The fallout involves George texting the news to the entire school, Navid hounding Ryan to get his side of the story for the school news, and Silver blogging about "Matthews dipping in the kiddie pool." Also, Kelly is not only back from visiting Dylan but has already heard the rumors, and confronts Ryan the moment she sees him. He dodges her questions, which only makes her more curious, so Kelly talks to both Harry and Kim about the situation.

Kim seems to be closing in on the drug lords of West Beverly. She cuffs a guy in the middle of a transaction and threatens him with a ten-year sentence unless he vouches for her to his boss. He agrees, and when we see Kim next, she's meeting boss-man in a dimly lit parkade. She convinces him to hand over the goods, and as soon as he does, the place is swarming with cop cars. BUSTED.

Now, I'm not sure if this is correct – I couldn't find anything about it online – so maybe one of you can clear it up for me: Was the drug boss the detention teacher? I recall Kim saying something that made it sound like he was. But like I said, I cannot find verification anywhere.

Later, Kelly shows up at Ryan's apartment after finding out the truth about Kim from Harry. She's there to apologize for falsely accusing him, but Ryan is just leaving, and he's carrying a suitcase. Kelly mentions that they should meet up when he gets back to town, and then Kim walks in. Kelly leaves, embarrassed, and Ryan and Kim kiss.

In other news...

Adrianna is trying to seduce Navid in the journalism room, but he keeps pushing her away, claiming he has to work. She shows up at his house later that day, and he tells her its not a good time. It looks like he's hiding something, and when Adrianna asks if there's someone there, Navid nods shyly and opens the door the rest of the way, revealing his baby sister. Turns out there's something of a family reunion going on. Adrianna gets to meet all of Navid's relatives (one of whom, in a nice shout-out to all the real-world gossip about the show, tells her, "you need to put some meat on your bones"). Navid seems uncomfortable the whole time, and it certainly doesn't help when his mom asks Adrianna how she's been doing since she left rehab.

The next day, Adrianna and Navid talk. Adrianna tells him that he needs to be honest with her about everything. Navid blurts out that he's a virgin. Turns out Adrianna doesn't think that's such a big deal. Cue "everything-is-okay-again" gushiness.

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