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Well, we're back, after an inexplicable two week hiatus.

I forgot to mention at the end of last week's episode that the new girl, Kimberly, turned out to be an undercover cop. I think I was too wrapped up in the other drama (Ethan and Annie almost kissed! Adrianna might be DEAD!) Oh, and also, my sister had just come home with McDonald's and I was hungry. My sincere apologies for my forgetfulness.

West Beverly is having a homecoming dance (a fairly belated one, considering school's been in for nearly two months already), and everyone is going, including Harry, Debbie and Tracy. This should be interesting.

Lead-up to homecoming:

The day before the dance, Dixon invites Silver to be his date, but she says no, explaining rather vehemently that homecoming is "everything that's wrong with this place." Does anyone else get the sense that she's channeling Kat Stratford? Silver tells Dixon that she wouldn't be able to go anyway, because she's having her wisdom teeth removed that day. She asks him to skip the dance and take care of her, and he agrees.

Annie isn't sure at first whether she's going to go to the dance, but Ethan shows up at her locker and...well, he doesn't ask her to be his date, but he tells her that if she shows up, and he shows up, then he'll dance with her. Cheesy, yet adorable.

Ryan, Harry, Tracy and Naomi are gathered in the principal's office so Harry can break the news to Naomi that Adrianna overdosed. We learn that Adrianna is alive and that she told the police that the drugs were hers. So Naomi won't be arrested, but she is sentenced to afternoon detention for the rest of the semester because she lied about who the drugs belonged to. On her first day, she sits next to some guy who introduces himself as Ozzy, and they banter (he's playful, she's rude). Naomi wins him over further by responding when he starts to speak fluent Spanish.

Later on, Annie approaches Naomi and asks how she's holding up, given that her best friend nearly died, her parents are divorcing, and she was recently dumped. Naomi responds, and then apologizes to Annie for always being such a bitch to her. Then she invites Annie to get ready with "her and the girls" before the dance, and Annie accepts.

Adrianna, despite having almost died in the last episode, looks amazing as her mother escorts her to a high-class rehab centre (thank you, anonymous donor!). She's also begging to go home, but her mother isn't budging on this one. After all, Adrianna can't make money to pay the mortgage if she's coked out all the time.

It's not long before Adrianna gets her first visitor, though. It's Navid! He's there under the pretense of doing a story for journalism class, but when Adrianna refuses, he tells her that he's available to talk to her –off the record – anytime. While he's there, Adrianna borrows his cell phone to text Naomi, pleading with her to come visit. Naomi, sitting in her car alone, reads the message and then immediately deletes it.

The next time Navid visits Adrianna in rehab, he brings her a huge care package, including a couple of DVDs. He asks if the patients are even allowed to watch DVDs, and Adrianna responds by saying "Yeah, as long as we don't sprinkle coke on our popcorn, it's cool." Good stuff, that. Adrianna's humor dissipates almost immediately, though, and soon she's crying and asking Navid to please ask Naomi to come visit her.


Silver has had her wisdom teeth removed and is on some good drugs for the pain. She's singing as Dixon escorts her to the couch, where she immediately falls asleep. She wakes up a few hours later to a call from Annie, who lets it slip that Dixon really wanted to go to the dance. So Silver gets dressed, wakes him up and tells him they're going to homecoming, despite the fact that she hates it. (And despite the fact that her mouth is swollen and very, very sore).

At Naomi's house, the girls (Naomi, Annie, and two others) are getting ready for the dance. I cannot believe how daring some of the dialogue is in this scene (e.g. "I hate thongs. They make me feel like I have someone's thumb up my ass." "Well, you would know what that's like." It's not completely inappropriate, but that comment seems pretty tasteless, especially for prime time TV. Or maybe it's just me.) Annie asks Naomi if it feels weird, not going to the dance with Ethan, and Naomi tells her that she just wants Ethan to be happy. As the girls finish talking, Navid shows up to talk to Naomi.

At the Wilson house, Debbie and Harry are getting ready to chaperone the dance and discussing the fact that Tracy kissed Harry. Debbie is justifiably unhappy about the situation and makes it known. Then Tabitha comes out of nowhere and advises her daughter-in-law to tell Tracy off, because when it comes to class, intelligence and beauty, Tracy has nothing on Debbie. Then she goes off, probably in search of a refill for her gin and tonic.

Back at the rehab centre, Navid tells Adrianna that Naomi wanted to come but she's sick. Adrianna doesn't believe him – she knows Naomi will be at the dance, and she looks determined.

During homecoming:

Ethan finds Annie and asks her to dance. As they make their way onto the dance floor, Naomi catches sight of them and looks mad. But she can't stay angry for long, because Ozzy approaches her and starts flirting. Soon they're dancing, too. When the song ends, Naomi asks Annie if they can talk. But before she gets a chance to yell at her for stealing her boyfriend, Adrianna shows up (she's out of rehab on a "night pass"). Naomi refuses to talk to her and walks away. Annie follows, and Naomi tells her that she wants to be friends, but doesn't think they can be if Annie starts dating Ethan. Annie understands and makes it obvious that she will choose Naomi over Ethan. (Why? WHY?) Then she convinces Naomi to go make amends with Adrianna.

Meanwhile, Kim has been in the stairwell, hitting on Ryan again. Ryan is becoming quite uncomfortable with the situation and makes the fact known before turning away. Later, he finds Kim in the hallway, buying drugs from another student. He brings her to Harry and starts yelling at Harry about how he's no good for the school and this should be taken to the board. He's not stopping, and he's getting really loud, so suddenly Kim just yells, "I'm a COP, you ASS!" Later, in the parking lot, Ryan and Kim are discussing the situation. He asks her how old she is, and when she tells him she's 25, he grabs her and kisses her.

Back inside, Debbie runs into Harry and Tracy coming out of the principal's office. Tracy tells Debbie that they were just "talking about their son" and they can finish later. She gives Harry a knowing look before walking away. Debbie tells Harry that she thinks they should tell the kids about their half-brother. Harry agrees. Personally, I'm not sure what effect it will have on Tracy's behavior if Annie and Dixon know about their father's past, but who am I to ask questions? Debbie finds Tracy in the gym, and tells her that if she ever kisses Harry again, they will have a big problem (translation: Debbie will punch Tracy in the face so hard that it will knock her teeth out. Hee!)

Out in the parking lot, Adrianna meets up with her drug dealer and is about to climb into his car when Navid comes out of nowhere and pulls her back. He gets punched by the dealer and then tells Adrianna that he likes her. Adrianna tries to walk away, but Navid won't let her; he keeps talking about "the good old days," when the two of them would hang out and remake old movies. Adrianna asks if Navid was the one who donated the money for her to go to rehab. He says it was him and that he just wants her to get better. Naomi arrives, and Adrianna falls into her arms, sobbing and apologizing. It's actually kind of sad.

Elsewhere in the parking lot, Annie tells Ethan that she "can't do this to Naomi." He appears not to care and pulls her toward him anyway, and they kiss. FINALLY.

Oh. I don't think this is important, but I'll throw it out there anyhow: Annie passed her driver's test.

Tune in next week when Adrianna tries to get drugs, Ethan and Annie try to hide their relationship, and Ryan tries to salvage his career.

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Original Comments Posted (5)

Ariana says...

And then LATER, on Privileged, Megan called Charlie a DICK. The CW is getting really racy these days. (You giant prude, Mandi.) Hee.

Somehow, I have no idea how, I completely missed the first third or half of this episode and didn't even notice until just now, reading this, realizing I never saw Ethan asking Annie out (sorta) or Adrianna being announced alive of the stuff with Navid or any of that. I am confused and also baffled.

I hate this show so much and yet I cannot look away.

Oct 29, 2008 1:06pm

Sarahm says...

I am with you, I hate this show too and yet cannot bring myself to stop watching.

But seriously, when he asked her to the dance, but didn't really ask her to the dance I was yelling at my TV, "Why don't you grow a pair!" My neighbors probably think I'm nuts.

Oct 29, 2008 1:28pm

Sarahm says...

Also, I don't think you're a prude Mandy!! I don't want to hear about thumbs up people's butts. Ew.

Oct 29, 2008 1:29pm

Sarahm says...

I keep spelling your name wrong when it's RIGHT in front of me. How rude.

Oct 29, 2008 1:29pm

swishy5 says...

I thought the thong thing was funny. Perhaps the best part of that episode.

Oct 29, 2008 2:58pm

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