90210: Secrets and Lies

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As the title suggests, this week's episode is all about secrets and lies, four in particular. Harry's secret is an old one: that he has a son with Tracy Clark. Two couples (Annie & Ethan and Ryan & Kim) are hiding their relationships from key people (Naomi, and the rest of the school, respectively). And finally, Adrianna is keeping a little something from Navid. Let's find out what it is!

Secret #1: Harry's illegitimate child

Honoring Debbie's request from last week, Harry has decided to tell Annie and Dixon that he has another son, and both kids are upset. At school, Dixon explains to Silver that he's not actually mad at Harry, more freaked by the fact that he's not the "real" son; that there's some guy out there who has more claim to Harry than he does. Silver makes him feel better, and they make out.

Annie isn't about to get past the news that easily, though. She's genuinely pissed at her father for having lied to her for two months, and she's not going to hide her feelings. She tries to talk to Naomi about how weird the whole situation is, but Naomi probably doesn't help matters when she starts calling Annie "sis." They do make plans to go shoe shopping after school, though. And to go to Silver's "Kelly is coming home this weekend so I have to make the most of the time I have left" all-girls' slumber party that night.

At the Wilson house that evening, Harry approaches his daughter in an attempt to smooth things over. Things don't go too well, though: he reams her out for using her emergency credit card to buy new boots, and then tells her she's banned from going to Silver's slumber party. Of course, this wouldn't be a teen drama if Annie was still in her room when Harry returns a couple hours later. Tell me you didn't know she was going to sneak out.

Not only did she sneak out, but she's doing tequila shots with Silver and Naomi. Silver and Annie are completely hammered, but Naomi still seems sober. I assume this is a comment on the fact that she drinks more often than the other girls. Adrianna soon arrives, and the four girls proceed to play "I have never..." and drink more tequila. Eventually, Annie and Naomi decide to trade shirts (because Naomi's nail polish is totally the same color as Annie's shirt!) They're standing topless in Silver's living room when Dixon and Ethan walk in. Way to encourage the rumors about what goes on at slumber parties, girls. Dixon and Ethan are followed by the rest of West Beverly, and the quiet slumber party has soon turned into a rather loud house party. By the end of the night, when Harry arrives to break it up, Annie is lying in the fetal position on the floor, too drunk to do anything else. She and Harry have a heart-to-heart, she forgives him, and he carries her out to the car.

Secret #2: Annie and Ethan's relationship

Last week, Annie told Ethan that she couldn't date him because she didn't want to hurt Naomi, but he kissed her anyway. Now they're dating, but Ethan thinks that it might work better if they keep it quiet. Annie agrees, and they make plans to hang out alone that afternoon. But (of course) Naomi also invites Annie to do something after school, and Annie can't come up with a good lie. Or simply say, "I'm busy," apparently. Fool.

At Silver's party, Ethan and Annie sneak into a bedroom and start making out on the bed. Naomi, looking for Annie, is about to walk in on them when a drunk Silver unknowingly saves the day by pulling her away for a "let's catch up, old friend" talk. Go Silver!

By the end of the night, Annie drunkenly tells Ethan that she's sick of keeping secrets, and that she thinks they should just tell Naomi. Ethan brushes it off as Annie being drunk, and she tries to argue with him. Midway through her denial, though, she has to run away to throw up. She must have the flu or something.

At school the next day, we learn that it wasn't just the tequila talking. After learning that her father had been lying to her for two months, Annie really is sick of secrets. She tells Ethan this, and they agree to tell Naomi that they're dating. Then they start making out in an empty classroom just as Naomi walks by. She does NOT look amused.

Secret #3: Adrianna's secret from Navid

She's not actually trying to keep it a secret, but Adrianna apparently thinks that Navid must only be treating her nicely because he's trying to get in her pants. First, he brings her jelly beans, because he thinks her first days back after rehab might be easier to get through if she has candy (or, as he accidentally says, "she can get high off the sugar"). Second, after learning that her favorite flavor of jelly bean is popcorn, he sifts through the entire bag and pulls out all the popcorn ones for her. (Query: is it actually possible to determine the flavor of a Jelly Belly without taking a bite of it? I don't think I have that talent). Third, he's waiting for her after her SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) meeting, because he thought she might be hungry. At this point, it's obvious from the look on Adrianna's face that she's beginning to get a little suspicious about his motives.

Later, at the party, Navid asks Adrianna if she wants to "go somewhere a little more private." She agrees, albeit slightly reluctantly, and they find themselves alone in a bedroom. They start kissing, and are about to have sex when Navid realizes that Adrianna is only moving so quickly as compensation for his paying for her rehab. He gets mad and storms out of the room, and Adrianna is left alone.

At school the next day, they talk about what happened, and Adrianna admits that she's just not used to guys being nice to her because they actually like her – they've always just used her. Navid assures her that he legitimately likes her, and they walk away hand-in-hand.

Secret #4: Ryan and Kim's relationship

It's a classic example of why you shouldn't mix business and pleasure. Ryan and Kim have struck up a relationship, but they have to keep it quiet because everyone except Ryan and Harry thinks Kim is a high school student. So, secret it is!

Kim, still on a mission to crack down on all the drug use going on at West Beverly, shows up at Silver's party. She talks briefly to George (remember Ethan's jerky lacrosse teammate?) about the "stuff" that he's supposed to score for her, then approaches Adrianna and asks for her dealer's number. Later, as she's leaving the party with Ryan, the two are spied by George, who uses their secret as blackmail the next day in an attempt to be put back on the lacrosse team. Harry finds out that Ryan and Kim were caught and tells Ryan that he's going to have to take a paid leave of absence in order to keep up appearances and protect Kim's true identity.

The final storyline that's developing is Naomi and Ozzy's relationship. They flirt at Silver's party, and he makes her "the best grilled cheese she's ever had." But when Naomi lets it slip that she likes to play games in her relationships, Ozzy is turned off. He tells her he doesn't like games or the people who play them, and then leaves. At school, she tells him she doesn't want to play games, so he gives her his number and tells her to call him – without waiting three days first. She dials as soon as he walks away, but he picks up just as she spies Ethan and Annie making out, and she is too stunned to say anything. I feel like she may have screwed up already...oops!

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Ariana says...

Query: is it actually possible to determine the flavor of a Jelly Belly without taking a bite of it?

Answer: NO. I totally thought the same thing.

It is a veritable Stick It-fest on The CW of late, with Kellan Lutz on this show and John Patrick Amedori (oh Poot, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways) on Gossip Girl. It makes me happy, although someone needs to give Missy Peregrym a job, stat.

Nov 5, 2008 11:33am

mandi says...

Funny you should mention that. I found out last night that Dustin Milligan used to live with one of the girls from Stick It. (The one who had the line "It's not called gym-NICE-tics!")

Also: turns out he's dating Jessica Stroup. Sadface.

Nov 5, 2008 2:23pm

Ariana says...

Vanessa Lengies! That movie is FULL of Canadians! ...Probably because they filmed it here, but whatever.

That is so sad about J.Stroup though. I'm disappointed in My Imaginary Cheating Boyfriend. There have got to be nicer, prettier, healthier starlets that would take him.

Nov 5, 2008 3:42pm

sarahm says...

Ok for real I have not heard of one single person you guys just mentioned in these here comments. Y'all are spending too much time on IMdb, I'm telling you.

Nov 6, 2008 4:43pm

Ariana says...

Clearly you just need to watch more gymnastics movies.

Nov 6, 2008 6:37pm

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