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Annie and Naomi are standing outside, arguing, when some guy approaches. He tells them he's Sean, the son of Harry Wilson and Tracy Clark, and, when each girl introduces herself as his half-sister, mistakenly assumes that they're related to each other. They clear that up quickly, and Annie brings Sean inside to meet Harry.

After the party guests leave, the Wilson family sits down to talk to Sean. We learn that he is from South Carolina, had an unstable upbringing, and likes to serve his country. Midway through their conversation, Tracy bursts in. She's really happy to finally meet Sean. She acts crazy for a couple minutes, and then takes Sean to stay with her and Naomi.

Dixon does not look okay with the new arrival.

At school the next day, Ethan and Annie are being couple-y when Naomi walks by. She's looking at them, disgusted, when Ozzy approaches. He offers to talk, but she brushes him off. While this is happening, Kelly approaches Annie and Ethan and takes Annie away to have a talk in her office, presumably about the Sean situation and its potential disruptive influence on Annie's life.

Once inside Kelly's office, we see that Naomi has been invited to this meeting too. This makes sense, since Sean is also her half-brother. And also because the meeting is really about the tension between the two girls and has nothing at all to do with Sean. Naomi starts the meeting by calling Annie a whore. This sparks an argument, which Kelly is forced to interrupt with guidance counselor talk. She makes a speech about the importance of friendship, complete with props and a plant metaphor. Apparently, guys are like cut flowers: they're pretty, and they smell nice (most of the time), but they don't last. Friendships, on the other hand, are like plants: they need care and nurturing, but they can survive for a really long time. Good friends, she tells them, are what help you survive.

Later that day, Annie, Dixon, Silver, Ethan and Adrianna are eating lunch in the cafeteria. When Naomi walks in, Annie and Silver immediately start trash-talking her, and Ethan looks very uncomfortable but doesn't say anything. Naomi scans the place for an empty seat and chooses one at a table with three older girls. They allow Naomi to sit with them, despite the fact that she's merely a sophomore.

After school, Ethan and Dixon have lacrosse practice. They're training for the big regional championship game against Bel-Air. Sean is there with Harry, and Dixon is obviously unhappy about it. After practice, the rest of the team is getting a pep talk and chatting, but Dixon is still moping. A random cheerleader approaches him, though, and flirting with her puts him in a better mood. Well, at least until Sean shows up and Harry leaves with him.

While Dixon is brooding about that, Annie and Silver are sitting at a table outside, studying. Naomi approaches and makes fun of Annie, and then sits down nearby with her new friends from the lunchroom. As soon as she's settled, they present her with a challenge: get them a reservation at one of the most popular restaurants in L.A. – which just so happens to be owned by Ozzy's family. Naomi agrees to do it.

The entire time Naomi is talking to her new "friends," Annie is glaring at her from the other table. Finally, she gets up and storms over. They argue, and Annie looks like she's about to hit Naomi when Ethan interjects and break it up, asking Annie what's going on with her. She just looks at him, a guilty expression on her face.

Naomi goes off in search of Ozzy. When she finds him, he makes it clear that he knows she's only there for a favor, and agrees to it without question. Curious. Later, as the girls stand outside the restaurant, it's obvious that they're frustrated over having to wait. Finally Naomi asks Ozzy what's going on, and after coyly pretending he has no idea what reservation she's talking about, he gives them the best table in the house – with the understanding that Naomi "owes him."

Later, hanging out in her bedroom with Silver, Annie asks if her personality has changed since she moved to L.A. She thinks it has, and she doesn't like the person she's becoming. Downstairs, Debbie is talking to her mother-in-law about the Sean situation. Harry and Tracy are taking their son out for supper that night, and when Tabitha asks why Debbie's not going, Debbie claims that she's trying to give Harry space to deal with the strange situation. Tabitha gives her a pep talk, the point of which is that they're married, and Harry's situations therefore Debbie's situations, too. Debbie agrees to go. At supper, Tracy is being painfully overbearing, making way too many plans for Sean, and Debbie suddenly speaks up, inviting Sean to stay with the Wilsons for a few days.

Kelly, apparently inspired by her own pep talk earlier, surprises Brenda at the theatre. They make plans to get together the following day, and Kelly gives Brenda the plant from her office. At lunch the next day, Brenda tells Kelly that the reason they've fallen out of touch again is that they have nothing in common anymore. Kelly is hurt; she thinks that their history should be reason enough to keep the friendship going, but Brenda disagrees. She thinks they should just go their separate ways, because she expects that if they try to be friends again, guys will keep getting in the way.

That afternoon is the lacrosse regional championship. The team is gathered on the field when Sean shows up and Harry introduces him as his son. Dixon scowls again. Elsewhere, Ethan is talking to Silver and Adrianna. He asks them where Annie is, but they don't know. Naomi shows up, and Ozzy hurries over to talk to her. He's looking for repayment for the reservation – in the form of a kiss. She concedes, and then he tells her that he wants her to kiss the mascot, Walter the Wildcat. Naomi isn't happy about it, but she's not about to break her promise, so she heads to the sidelines and gives the mascot a wet one right on the mouth. Shocked, Walter pulls his head off, and we see that it's actually Annie wearing the uniform. Ethan notices her and looks happy. Kelly and Annie talk about Annie's renewed sense of self, but they're interrupted by Kelly's phone ringing. She answers, and gasps at whatever the person on the other end of the line says.

On the field, the game has started, and Dixon is getting excessively physical with the other team and hogging the ball. Eventually, Harry pulls him out of the game, and Dixon mutters "screw you" to his father before retreating to the locker room. He's in there alone, sulking on a bench when Harry storms in, yelling that he can't act like this. Dixon admits that he's upset about the attention that Harry has been giving Sean, and they have a heart-to-heart, during which Harry assures Dixon that despite genetics, Sean will never replace him.

Back outside, West Beverly wins the game, and the random cheerleader hugs Dixon and congratulates him. As she walks away, Silver approaches and asks who she is. Dixon shrugs and makes a random comment about Silver maybe actually paying attention to the game next year. She grins at the idea that he thinks they'll still be together in a year, and they walk off with their arms around each other. Ethan finds Annie in the crowd. Still wearing the mascot suit, she tells him that she's nothing like Naomi, and she doesn't want to be. He appreciates that. Naomi, meanwhile, has found her new, older, cooler friends. They give her hell about kissing the mascot at first, but tell her they're impressed that she would go to such lengths to help them out, and tell her that she can keep hanging out with them.

Inside the school, Sean catches up with Dixon on his way to the locker room. They talk, and Dixon finds out that Sean's adoptive dad died recently, but that he was a jerk anyway – he spent more time playing video poker than raising Sean. This makes Dixon reconsider his perspective and appreciate Harry and Debbie a bit more. He invites Sean to the celebration supper. I think they might become friends! Aww.

That phone call that Kelly had earlier? That was from the hospital. Turns out Brenda fell off the stage and broke her arm, and she had Kelly listed as her emergency contact. So maybe their friendship isn't completely over, after all. Brenda apologizes for what she said earlier, and admits that she was trying to push Kelly away because she...wait for it...slept with Ryan. Upon hearing this, Kelly picks up her bag and walks out. Well then. Maybe their friendship is over, after all.

In the final scene, Sean is moving his stuff into the Wilson's house. As soon as he's alone, he pulls out his cell phone and makes a call, saying "everything is good here. I'm making myself riiight at home." Then he hangs up. Hmmm....

My favorite part of this episode was the Death Cab for Cutie song that they played near the end. How about you?

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Ariana says...

My favorite part of this episode was the Death Cab for Cutie song that they played near the end. How about you?

Me too. This show is terrible. AND YET. I AM STILL WATCHING.

Ozzie is hot.

Nov 19, 2008 11:39am

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