Bones: Hero in the Hold

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This episode opens with Brennan, Hodgins, and the novelist Mr. Vega in front of a Federal judge, and Heather Taffet, who is currently heading the investigation on the Gravedigger case. Remember the Gravedigger? The serial killer who kidnapped Brennan and Hodgins and buried them in a car? It seems some evidence has gone missing from Taffet's investigation, and she suspects one of these three, since all three of them have some kind of connection to the FBI. Taffet wants it back.

Brennan is apparently winning some super-scientist award, and so she is talking to a very well dressed Booth on the phone, making sure he's going to be there on time. From his house, he assures her that he will be there, and looking good! There is a knock at his door, and we cut to the Jeffersonian, where Brennan gets another phone call – but this time it's from the Gravedigger, telling us that Booth has been taken, and will die unless the squints give back the stolen evidence.

Booth's Weird Day

Booth wakes up in some dark place, and immediately starts thrashing against the metal container. He uses his keys to pry off some lugnuts, and open the top of what appears to be a tiny yellow submarine. Walking around another large contained area, Booth realizes he isn't alone. Out from the darkness comes a young man in combat gear, who Booth recognizes as "Teddy". A flashback tells us that they are old war buddies. Booth knows he's been drugged and electrocuted, and decides that Teddy must be a hallucination, since he saw him die in combat.

Booth goes for a door, using parts of the submarine as leverage on the giant door wheel. Teddy helps out, handing him more parts to use, and offering advice. The door opens and starts gushing water, enough to force open the door and start filling the room. More flashbacks from Booth tell us that Teddy had been shot while under Booth's command, and Booth tried to save him.

The water is filling up the room, but there is a high walkway with another door that they are finally able to reach. Booth is prying it open, but can't. Teddy comes over to help, and Booth actually touches his hand – he can't be a hallucination. Plus, only two people could have opened that door.

In yet another big metal room, this time filled with kids' paintings and sculptures, Booth starts freaking out a bit more, and decides that Teddy is a ghost because he hasn't aged or anything. Calming down, Booth confesses that he named his son after Teddy, whose last name is Parker. Opening a window covering, Booth looks out at the ocean, and realizes that they are on a ship. And upon looking around the room again, they see that the ship is filled with C4 explosives.

Booth is confused why a ship full of kids toys would be filled with explosives, and Teddy explains that marine biologists make "reefs" with old Navy ships, and have school kids decorate them beforehand (for the fish to enjoy, of course). Booth finds a transponder telling them that they only have 6 hours, 22 minutes left before the ship blows. Booth unhooks the transponder in order to use it to send a signal, but this means that the detonator cannot be shut off now. The ship WILL blow.

Reminiscing for a second, Booth admits that he feels at fault for Teddy dying in combat. He is obviously quite haunted by this man, and not just right now. The new transponder signal shorts out, and Booth throws it across the room in anger and frustration. Trying to find a new way out of the ship, they start talking about who will remember them. Teddy thinks that no one but Booth remembers him, but Booth reminds him of Claire, who he sees at Teddy's gravesite each year. Teddy admits to Booth that he loved Claire, but never told her. He wants Booth to tell her for him.

Booth finds a weak spot in the ship, and decides to use some of the C4 to blast their way out. Rigging up a smaller charge, Booth can't figure out how to detonate it without being too close. Teddy uses Booth's "Cocky" belt buckle to slide over to the charge and complete the circuit, blowing the C4. Teddy is apparently hurt (if ghosts can be hurt), and Booth drags him outside to the deck of the ship. He is babbling about how he is "sorry" he got Teddy killed, but Teddy confesses:

Teddy: I didn't come here to haunt you. I came to tell you it wasn't your fault.

On the deck of the ship, Booth sets Teddy down while he waits for the approaching helicopter, he looks out at it, but when he looks back, Teddy has disappeared.

Booth and Brennan visit Teddy's grave site, where Booth sees Claire. Knowing now that it wasn't his fault that Teddy died, Booth is able to approach her and deliver the message from Teddy.

How the Squints Saved Him

Angela, Cam, Sweets, and Brennan go to Booth's apartment, and figure out that he was dragged to the window. They know they can't go to the authorities, because the Gravedigger said that would mean Booth's immediate death. Brennan and Angela start to suspect Hodgins of taking the evidence, since they both know that Brennan didn't.

They go back to the Jeffersonian to talk to Hodgins, who immediately confesses and gives it to Brennan. He convinces her that he took the evidence because Taffet wasn't going to find the Gravedigger, that only they could figure it out. They know that no one will catch the Gravedigger if they give back the evidence. Brennan wants to catch him too, and so decides to work with the evidence, although she clearly does not trust Hodgins anymore.

Angela uncovers the sounds of seagulls in the recordings of the Gravedigger's messages. They figure that the kidnapper must be near the sea. There is also a merry go round sound, and Hodgins thinks that is could be Mr. Vega, who lives by the boardwalk. Hodgins and Brennan start to go to the car to find him, but find Vega inside his own car in the garage! He is obviously dead, and Hodgins suggests taking his body to analyze for evidence, but the FBI shows up before Brennan can protest. They are still suspected of stealing evidence, so they had been followed.

Now, without Vega's body, Brennan decides that they should give the Gravedigger what he wants and hand over the evidence. Hodgins is not happy, but won't let Brennan do it by herself, and volunteers to help her deliver it. The squints go to the park that the Gravedigger said to drop the evidence. Hodgins still says that this isn't the best plan of action, but Angela pulls Brennan aside:

Angela: Listen to me, Brennan, somebody you love is buried alive. You are allowed to save them, no matter how irrational it seems.

Brennan: I don't love Booth.

Angela: Yes you do. So do I. So do all of us. Just... take my advice, hand over the evidence, and get Booth.

Brennan: (pause, then runs off) Let's do it, come on! Let's do it!

Angela and Sweets stay at the car to watch a monitor that is monitoring video feeds and anything electrical. Going to the drop spot with Brennan, Hodgins knows they are being watched and yells to the Gravedigger "I will find you!" Angela and Sweets see a spike in an electrical signal, and Angela yells for Brennan and Hodgins to run, just before the drop spot is blow to pieces. The evidence is ruined, and the FBI shows up.

Again in front of the federal judge and Taffet, the squints are barred from any further involvement in the case.

Brennan refuses to give up, and goes to Booth's brother for help. He's a military intelligence guy, remember? She asks him to steal the remains of Vega for her. He is reluctant, but eventually comes through, and somehow requisitions the body for the Jeffersonian.

Examining the body, they find burns from a stun gun, just like on the other victims. They also find that Vega got a shot in on the kidnapper, and probably broke a couple of the Gravedigger's ribs. Taffet shows up with a warrant to take Vega's body back, and Brennan notices that she can't lift her arm very high. They realize that she had complete access to all the files, and Brennan pushes her in the torso, and Taffet's pain proves that she is the Gravedigger. They cuff her in a chair, but she won't talk.

Hodgins talks about "spring cleaning" - private files that the government has on all US citizens, and Booth's brother agrees to access her "files". While he does, Hodgins and Brennan chat with Taffet:

Hodgins: (To Taffet) I'd like to kill you. (To Brennan)I hate her. I think I could murder her.

Brennan: (To Taffet) If anyone could murder someone and get away with it, it would be us.

Booth's brother comes back, and tells Taffet that they found her secret ID, and the storage locker that she used to store her "Gravedigger" supplies. They got her, for sure. But she still won't tell them where Booth is.

Military people bring all this stuff to the Jeffersonian. Hodgins finds shoes worn recently, with paint chips from the old Navy ships. Angela finds out that Taffet was a volunteer with the aquarium that was preparing the ship to be sunk for the reef. Booth's brother gets a helicopter to take Brennan to where Booth is, but before leaving, Brennan decks Taffet with a briefcase. Booth's brother gets arrested for going against protocol, but he tells Brennan "it's worth it if you save my brother".

Brennan's helicopter gets to the ship just in time, and we see the ship blowing up as Booth and Brennan are whisked away. They hug, and it's not just a friendly hug, in my opinion.

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