The Amazing Race: Honestly, They Have Witch Powers or Something!

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Happy New Year!

Ohhh, it's the India leg. Strap in, people, it's gonna be some ride.

Teams are instructed to fly to Mumbai. Nic & Gramps, departing at 10:12 p.m., book themselves onto a flight arriving at 10:35 p.m. the next day and head to a hotel for some sleep. Ron & Christina also prebook, but head to the airport, where they find the remaining teams camping out waiting for the airport to open at 4:30. Like, the outside doors aren't even open. Crazy.

Once they get in and the counters open, Nate & Jenn get on the same flight as the two prebooked teams, but TK & Rachel can't get seats. They book onto a flight arriving at 1 a.m. Meanwhile, the Lipsticks are booking onto a 10:50 p.m. flight. I started panicking for TK & Rachel until I realized that there would undoubtedly be some kind of task at the other end at a place that wouldn't open until the next morning. Fortunately, I was right. The newspaper stand in Mumbai from which they are to receive their next clue is closed until 6 a.m.

Teams receive their newspapers and comb them for a clue in the form of an ad. Everyone finds it reasonably easily, except for Nate & Jenn, who are slowed by their bickering. The clue tells them to travel by rickshaw to a tailor's. The teams note the Speed Bump intended for the Lipsticks. The other clue is the Detour, a choice between Paste 'Em or Thread 'Em. Pasting involves hunting down a bridge, and pasting up a six-panel Bollywood movie poster on a wall underneath it. Threading sends teams to a flower vendor in a marketplace, where they must thread 108 flowers in an alternating pattern into a wedding garland and deliver to a nearby bridegroom.

Nic & Gramps and Ron & Christina will Paste, while TK & Rachel choose Thread. The Lipsticks pull their Speed Bump clue, which tells them to find a yogi nearby and do a bit of yoga. It's a good thing it's these two, who can appreciate the calming effect of the yoga, instead of say, Nate & Jenn, who would just whine about how long it was taking the whole time. Speaking of Nate & Jenn, they've finally found the clue in the newspaper. When they get to the Detour, they decide to Thread. The Lipsticks complete their yoga, head back to the Detour, and also choose the threading.

Ron & Christina are fighting, while Nic & Gramps are finishing. The clue tells them to go to Kabutar Khana, which is a traffic island full of pigeons. Also there? Another U-Turn. Back in Happy Happy Joy Joy Ron & Christina Land, Ron is being a jackass to Christina, again, some more. Nate & Jenn, over at the threading task, are also fighting. Nate can't believe Jenn can't figure out how to thread flowers, because she is, after all, a girl. She rebuts with something along the lines of, "Well, you couldn't row, and you're a boy!" Mature. It's especially awesome when you consider the fact that in their pre-leg interview, Jenn was talking about how embarrassing and disgusting their previous rowboat-related fight was, and how they need to get a handle on their situation instead of just freaking out at each other. And also how their relationship is on an upswing. Right.

Meanwhile, TK & Rachel finish their detour in short order. Rachel does own her own flower shop, you know.

Back at the pasting, Ron is being a jackass not only to Christina, but also to the guy running the task and judging the poster hanging. Nice, really nice. Christina steps in and takes over, which drives Ron mental; however, in a later interview, he is big enough to admit she was right and did a wonderful job.

TK & Rachel, Nic & Gramps and Ron & Christina all hit the U-Turn in reasonably short order, and none of them u-turn anyone. The clue tells them to taxi to a gas station, where they find a Roadblock clue. The Roadblocker must load a bicycle cart with six propane tanks and deliver to two different addresses, retrieving a delivery receipt. They are then to return both delivery receipts and both delivery order slips to the forewoman at the end of the task. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Nic, Ron and his hernia, and TK will be Roadblocking for their teams.

Nate & Jenn finish their detour, and Jenn tries to hand their garland to an elephant before she manages to locate the actual groom. Heh, what?

Ron finds some nice man willing to ride on top of his tanks and guide him. This is great because a) yes, please add to the load of the man with the giant hernia, thanks, and b) he is totally just scamming a ride and takes Ron absolutely nowhere.

Meanwhile, the Lipsticks have arrived at the U-Turn and appear to be u-turning Nate & Jenn, even though they're not positive Nate & Jenn are actually behind them. After a commercial break, we find out that they're actually u-turning Nic & Gramps, or attempting to, seeing as how Nic & Gramps are long gone. It's weird that the teams didn't have to remove their pictures from the box as they went through so that other teams would know they couldn't u-turn them, as with the Yield in seasons past. Also, it appears that Lipstick Boy is digging through his Official Amazing Race Fanny Pack looking for their own picture to stick on the sign. Interesting. I always kind of wondered where they kept the mini "courtesy of" pics.

Nate & Jenn are glad, but baffled, to see the attempted u-turning of Nic & Gramps.

Over in Roadblock Land, TK gets back from his deliveries first. The clue sends Rachel and him to Bandra Fort, a 16th-century fortress overlooking the Arabian Sea, and the pit stop for this leg. They arrive in first and win a trip to Saint Martin, including a catamaran excursion to St. Bart's. Um, yes please. That sounds like plenty of fun. Also, Nic & Gramps arrive in second.

Jenn is Roadblocking and forgetting her receipt at the first delivery. Her second deliveree (heh heh) reminds her of it, so she heads back to the first place. Lipstick Boy is neck and neck with her the whole time. Jenn's forgetfulness isn't so much of a problem, since Lipstick Boy also manages to leave behind his order slips at each place and has to retrace his steps after trying to hand his stuff over to the forewoman and being denied.

Ron & Chris check in in third place.

Nate & Jenn get some bogus directions and are still hunting for a cab when Lipstick Boy gets back with all his receipts. But here we are, at the pit stop, and arriving in fourth, it's... Nate & Jenn. Am I happy? I don't know, but Jenn is. The Lipsticks arrive last and are eliminated. Aw. Phil gives them the Imaginary Award for Most Fashionable Couple on the show, and they are very happy to have won something. Hot Topic is grateful for the product placement.

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