Late night guest line-ups: July 6-10

Sorry for taking a few weeks off there. A combination of being out of town, and a week of all repeats, kept me from posting. But here we are again, with another week of late night comedy and (hopefully) interesting guests to help us get to sleep each night.

We've got some good ones this week, though, including a repeat of some friends of our site on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, so let's get right to the Top 5 picks for the week:

  • The Lonely Island (Monday on Fallon) - If you've visited our site more than a couple times over the last year and a half, you've seen plenty written about The Lonely Island -- Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer. We've interviewed them, I've personally appeared in a YouTube video with them, they've been in movies, they've won a Grammy, and this spring they released a killer comedy album (Incredibad). In this repeat, they perform "I'm on a Boat" from that album (with The Roots' Black Thought filling in for T-Pain) on Late Night.
  • Jeff Goldblum (Thursday on Ferguson) - Jeff Goldblum is often an unpredictable guest. He's certainly very strange, but he's also oddly in control of his weirdness and can turn it off and on at will. His recent appearances on The Colbert Report, mock-championing various causes, have been hilarious.
  • Sacha Baron Cohen (Tuesday on Letterman) - I have no idea if he'll be appearing as his character Bruno (as he did in an off-the-wall appearance on Conan a couple weeks back) or as himself --. if I'm not mistaken, when Borat came out, he appeared in character on Leno and Conan, but as himself on Letterman. Either way, it'll no doubt be entertaining.
  • Samuel L. Jackson (Tuesday on Conan) - Who doesn't like Sam Jackson? I'm not sure what he'll be there promoting -- he narrated Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds, but that doesn't come out until mid-August. He's a wickedly cool guy, though, and always a good talk show guest.
  • Michael Ian Black (Wednesday on Ferguson) - Michael Ian Black is an incredibly underrated (and far too unknown for my liking) comedian. You may have seen him on the great TV series The State or Stella, or perhaps his more mainstream roles on Ed or Reaper. And if you followed The Late Late Show in the weeks following Craig Kilborn's departure, you'd know that Black was one of the final people considered for the vacated hosting gig before Ferguson got the job and became the sensation that he is.

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (NBC)

  • Mo 7/6: Howie Mandel, Alanis Morissette, Death Cab for Cutie
  • Tu 7/7: Samuel L. Jackson, Kevin Connolly, Andrew Bird
  • We 7/8: Bob Newhart, Al Madrigal
  • Th 7/9: Playing For Change
  • Fr 7/10: Cat Deeley, Ray LaMontagne

The Late Show with David Letterman (CBS)

  • Mo 7/6: Hayden Panettiere, Joel McHale, Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band
  • Tu 7/7: Sacha Baron Cohen, Rob Thomas
  • We 7/8: Queen Latifah, Emma Watson
  • Th 7/9: Daniel Radcliffe, Veronika Part, Levon Helm
  • Fr 7/10: Rainn Wilson, Larry Miller, Maxwell

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC)

  • Mo 7/6: Andy Samberg, Jorge Garcia, the Lonely Island (Repeat)
  • Tu 7/7: Anne Hathaway, Will Forte, Jon Favreau, Mario Batali (Repeat)
  • We 7/8: Kelly Ripa, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Amadou & Mariam (Repeat)
  • Th 7/9: Steve Martin, Paul Simon, Vanessa Williams (Repeat)
  • Fr 7/10: Will Ferrell, Kyra Sedgwick, Mos Def (Repeat)

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS)

  • Mo 7/6: Eric Idle, Dr. Lisa Masterson
  • Tu 7/7: Evan Rachel Wood, Christopher Gorham
  • We 7/8: Julie Chen, Michael Ian Black, Will Dailey
  • Th 7/9: Jeff Goldblum, Jackie Collins
  • Fr 7/10: Ray Romano, Michael Buble

Jimmy Kimmell Live (ABC)

  • Mo 7/6: Artie Lange, Adam Perry Lang, No Doubt (Repeat)
  • Tu 7/7: Kathy Griffin, Ramon Rodriguez, Ben Harper (Repeat)
  • We 7/8: David Arquette, Jill Wagner, Linkin Park (Repeat)
  • Th 7/9: Denzel Washington, Will Ferrell (Repeat)
    Fr 7/10: Magic Johnson, Jack Black, Michael Cera (Repeat)

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central, CTV)

  • Mo 7/6: Justin Fox (Repeat)
  • Tu 7/7: Dr. Oliver Sacks (Repeat)
  • We 7/8: Robert Kenner (Repeat)
  • Th 7/9: Mike Kim (Repeat)

The Colbert Report (Comedy Central, CTV)

  • Mo 7/6: Alexi Lalas, Kevin Mattson (Repeat)
  • Tu 7/7: Nicholas Kristof (Repeat)
  • We 7/8: Ed Viesturs (Repeat)
  • Th 7/9: Neil DeGrasse Tyson (Repeat)

Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC)

  • Mo 7/6: Jimmy Fallon, Mistress Mary, Bobby Ray (Repeat)
  • Tu 7/7: Patton Oswalt, M83 (Repeat)
  • We 7/8: Ken Jeong, Delta Spirit (Repeat)
  • Th 7/9: Steve-O, Nico Vega (Repeat)
  • Fr 7/10: Tom Green, Mishka (Repeat)

The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos (CBC)

  • Mo 7/6: David Frum, Levar Burton, Margaret Atwood (Repeat)
  • Tu 7/7: Azar Nafisi, Chris Cornell, Joey Lawrence (Repeat)
  • We 7/8: Tim Robbins, Ricky Gervais (Repeat)
  • Th 7/9: Jimmy Carter, Eckhart Tolle (Repeat)
  • Fr 7/10: Gordon Ramsay, Moby, Norman Jewison (Repeat)

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