Big Brother 11: The Rave (Ep. 2)

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When the show ended on Thursday, Jesse was just walking in the house and screams could be heard from the other houseguests. Tonight we got to see if those were screams of excitement, fear, or just nervousness.

The Athletes are thrilled of course, because not only do they have an extra member on their team, giving them an extra vote but it's a member that physically could likely overpower any of them, except maybe Russell. The others in the house? Mixed reactions. Ronnie is excited because he saw every single episode of Big Brother in the past and likely feels Jesse is his friend or something. He also has seen Jesse at work and figures he's smarter than him and will have no problem outthinking him. Natalie thinks he's a physical threat and is concerned about the competition she'll get from him. Russell wasn't impressed that Lydia oogled Jesse – guess he's worried about losing his "love muscle" status!

Over the next half hour or so people spend a lot of time speculating how they can get ahead in the first week. Silly houseguests! Haven't they figured out that the first week only means something if you're evicted? Apparently not. Ron starts thinking about making an alliance between the Brains and the athletes. Jesse tells Jeff that he needs to know who is gunning for him and Jeff should come and tell him if he knows anything but Jeff has no plans of doing Jesse's spy work for him and tell the camera it isn't going to happen.

Next the houseguests go to see Jesse's HOH room and they all love the waterfall and the fish. Jesse says that getting HOH in the first week is like kissing your best friend's girlfriend. On the one hand it's exciting but afterwards the repercussions might not be so pleasant. Jesse is full of analogies this year. I'll have to tell you his peewee baseball one next week when it makes more sense.

Everyone moans about the whole high school theme because most of them didn't like high school a lot. Ronnie says all he did was play video games. Michele reveals that someone spread a rumor that she was a lesbian and she couldn't get a boyfriend for anything. Jordan says that she treated everyone the same (ya, all popular girls think that they treat everyone the same –- remember Rachel on Friends?).

Ronnie starts working his Brains/Athletes alliance plan. He says he knows he is smart and it is just like Revenge of the Nerds all over again. He tells Jesse that if he doesn't put him up the Brains will side with him and vote out whoever he wants them to. Ronnie see it as an opportunity to get both him and Jesse ahead in the game because no one would suspect them of being alliance (this is going under the assumption that Ronnie can control himself and keep a secret).

There's load more conversation happening. To sum it up: Lydia says she's not going to judge Jesse on his appearance because she's been judged by her tattoos and there's always more than meets the eye; Jesse says he has a lot of respect for Russell because of his never give up attitude and he wants Russell to be the eyes and ears of their group; Russell tells Jesse he thinks Lydia is a threat; Russell thinks if him and Jesse align themselves together that NO ONE can beat them; Laura starts a conversation about who is the hottest guy in the house and says she thinks it is Jesse, then Russell but Jesse thinks she is being insincere and is just sucking up and that means he can't trust her; Jesse beats Natalie at chess and she shows herself to be a bit of a poor loser; in the HOH room, while talking to Ronnie and Chima, Natalie suggests putting one of them up as a pawn as a sign of goodwill but Ronnie is opposed to it; Chima doesn't like the idea but says she'll do it. See? Loads of talking! Honestly, it went on for too long but finally, time for the food competition.

Jesse enters the room to tell them that the food competition is a thing of the past – or only food anyway. There's more to it. The clique that loses will endure grueling conditions. Tells them to get their war paint on and head to the back yard for the first have and have not competition.

Everyone gets war paint on – orange, green, yellow, and blue. They enter the back yard for find neon set ups and a disco ball – it was like a rave. Lydia said she felt right at home. Since athletes are the in crowd they got to sit in the VIP booth and watch. On the dance floor was a neon colored lane for each team and various contraptions. They had to set up pipes for the juice to flow through where it would finally come out at the end making the pinwheel spin. Ronnie was confident (because he is so smart you know) and Casey called it a suckarama. The houseguests started collecting pipes from foaming barrels. I had to laugh when Jordan got confused because Braden was talking about 180 degree and 90 degree angles! The Off-beats took an early lead because Casey was a good leader (Lydia thought). Ronnie struggled to connect the pipes even though his plan was to build the most linear path possible. Casey was happy that they fell into a team mode. Michele admits that their strategy was a mess. The Off-beats won getting their juice to make the pinwheel turn first. Down to the Populars and the Brains. Braden compared it to lincoln-logs and physics. The Populars completed theirs leaving the Brains to suffer the unknown.

Jesse explains that all week long they only get slop and cold showers for the week but they also have to sleep in the have-not's bedroom, the most uncomfortable room in BB history. Chima starts to cry and says that she can't do it. She doesn't even know if she wants to be there. Michele tells the camera that Chima is the biggest sore loser she's ever seen.

Everyone heads in to see the have-not's room – all steel and aluminum – barren, bleak, and minimalist and looking very much like a sanitarium. Think pads on the floor, no dressers. Chima whines for a long time after. Casey calls her Princess Chima.

Late at night they decided to have a fashion show – probably one of the most interesting things to happen in the first few days but the skipped most of it. Jordan models her purple lingerie and Laura models her pink bikini. Michele and Lydia got up there, too, but they skipped that part.

Jesse joins Russell and Natalie in the HOH room. They say either Laura or Lydia should go up for nominations, plus Chima as a pawn. Natalie votes for Lydia and Russell agrees because she is actually playing the game. Russell tells the camera that he is running the show from the background. Jesse says to the camera that his nominations need to be what is best for Jesse instead of listening to Russell and Lydia and playing their game.

Jesse examines the picture wall. Laura is upset about the idea that she could be a target and if Jesse wants to play hardball he's targeted the wrong girl. Lydia isn't worried about nominations and says she'll be surprised if she goes up. Russell says these nominations are his and he's running the show. Braden mumbles some karma mumbo jumbo. Jesse says his nominations will figure out where loyalties lie this week.

He announces that it is time for the nominations ceremony and everyone takes their place around the table. Athletes are automatically safe. He pulls the first key – Michele. Michele pulls Braden. Braden pulls Kevin. Kevin pulls Ronnie. Ronnie pulls Jordan. Jordan pulls Laura. Laura pulls Casey. Lydia and Chima are nominated. Jesse says he respects them both as competitors and they are both playing the game. Chima knows she is a pawn but pawns have a tendency to go home – but she's going to be different she tells the camera. Ronnie is thrilled that he's not the pawn because as everyone knows the pawn always goes home. Lydia cries and says she doesn't deserve to go home and she's going to fight. Braden mumble more mumbo jumbo that is supposed to sound intelligent. Jesse says this is the way of the game.

Tune in Tuesday to find out who gets the Power of Veto and if it is used.

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